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(NEXSTAR) – Temperatures may not come from the three-digit number you live in, but forecasters have already predicted what the weather will look like when autumn turns into winter. ..

As of Thursday, NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center 70% chance that La Niña will return From November 2021 to January 2022.

“It really depends on where you are in the United States, depending on where you are,” explains NOAA climate scientist Michelle D’Heureux. “The southern layers of the La Niña phenomenon are often drier than average during the winter and often last until spring.”

NS La Niña winter Depending on where you live, it can also affect storms, floods and even droughts.

Last week, Farmers’ Almanac released a series of forecasts for the continental United States by region, based on its own methodology. Here are some points.

  • In the central United States, which stretches from Canada to Texas, temperatures can be significantly lower than normal for most of the winter, with normal or slightly lower temperatures expected along the east coast. Armanac does not anticipate a complete repeat of the frigid cold that hit Texas and surrounding states earlier this year.
  • Typical winter weather patterns, including some heavy storms, can be seen in the western and Pacific Northwest, but not enough to turn around the droughts that plague these states.
  • Almanac predicts that many states will be hit by heavy rains in mid-January before the mild conditions take over in February. March is expected to reflect the rest of the season, with heavy storms disrupting the milder months.

NS Farmers Almanac The website offers more detailed projects categorized by region. But even if you are a believer, there are reasons to work with caution before making a plan based on analysis.

“Farmers’ Almanac’s predictions may be correct, but in terms of snow, storms, and even cold, it’s actually impossible to predict what will happen in the second week of January, says digital meteorologists. rice field Christine Gregory From Nexstar’s WROC. “Long-range forecasting is not an accurate science, but clues such as teleconnections, statistics, and other climatic signals can be used to make general forecasts.”

NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center 3 months forecast Available online. As of July 15, temperatures could rise significantly in the fall, remain dry in the west, and increase precipitation in the east and south. Still, even those predictions are not set on stone.

“The weather changes every day, so the forecast changes,” Gregory said. “If you deviate from the forecast, all other forecasts will have ripples in the future.”

Winter Weather Forecast: Prediction of Where You Live | WGN Radio 720

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