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Paris (AP) — High stakes, awkward fights, and the winner is the party of centrist President Emmanuel Macron. But to visitors from space, the June parliamentary elections in France may look like a battle between the far right and the far right.

A month before the first vote, the 577-seat campaign in the French House of Commons was cruel. Pressure has increased since Macron’s second mission in April, when he closed his third bid, beating the far-right leader Marine Le Pen.

The pot bubbling when Le Pen’s political enemy, left-wing leader Jean-Luc Melenceon, formed an alliance with left-wing party Swath in June, surpassing both her and Macron.

So for now, Le Pen sees Melence as her main enemy. She aims to keep the National Union party politically relevant to a good show in Parliament.

Her party’s campaign slogan, “The Only Opposition to Macron,” proves her competition with hard-left leaders.

Supported by the alliance, Melension himself raised his horizons by declaring that he would take the majority of Macron and become the next prime minister of France. Only the president appointed.

Le Pen’s hope is not so grand. Creating a “strong” parliamentary group (at least 15 members), giving anti-immigrant parties time to speak and other privileges, listening to them, and harassing powerful people.

Le Pen ridicules Melenceon as a “court clown” who never becomes prime minister. But with enough votes, she told RTL Radio this week, Melenceon could turn parliament into a paradise for left-wing cause squatters. Those who want to open the prison because the prison is not good. “

For the interim president of her party, Melention represents a “threat to the republic.”

“I think today’s radicalism is on Mr. Melenceon’s side,” Jordan Valdera said at a news conference, using the exact label that the French press prefers for his own far-right party.

Le Pen and Melenceon have long been political enemies. But for Le Pen, hostility was clearly deepened by the socialists, communists, and left-wing alliance merention with the Greens, who strengthened his hand. Le Pen’s party refused to ally with the far-right presidential candidate Eric Zemmour. Eric Zemmour stole some of the party’s famous figures, but won only 7% of the votes.

Paradoxically, Le Pen took second place in the presidential election compared to third place in Melenceon, raising the far right to an unprecedented election performance, but her party was in a weaker position than Melenceon on June 12 and 19. Enter the legislative election. His alliance.

France’s legislative voting system supports the president and largely prevents the Le Pen party from getting deep into the majority. Only eight members of the National Rally won seats in the last election. Le Pen, who is trying to renew her seat, is one of the 569 candidates her party is fighting all over France.

“This is a very brutal campaign … at the same time, it’s a campaign with no real debate, and I get the impression that many French people aren’t dealing with everyday problems,” said far-right expert Jean. Eve says. Barracuda. He added that it was also “a rather unrealistic campaign in which Mr. Melenceon said’I am the Prime Minister’.”

The Macron Party and its middle-class allies hold more than 300 seats in the upcoming parliament. Nevertheless, his moving republic changed its name to Renaissance and formed an alliance with other centrists.

“This will be the toughest campaign,” the president warned candidates for his party this week. “Our country is divided.”

Division, drama, and tough rhetoric are nothing new to the French elections.

“France is a country with a very divided political tradition,” Kamas said. “You have the impression that the two regions of the country are having a hard time speaking.”

Who is Emmanuel? Far-right battle left for France’s vote | WGN Radio 720

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