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Vice President Kamala Harris speaks to surprise those who attended the Climate Conference after stopping at a meeting at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building in the White House Complex in Washington on Monday, October 25, 2021. (AP Photo / Susan Walsh)

Washington (AP) — The White House is clean energy for President Joe Biden’s big domestic policy bill, which authorities believe can achieve greenhouse gas emission reduction targets similar to the original proposal shattered by opponents. Focuses on strategic packaging.

The Biden administration discussed the proposal with about 12 environmental and judicial group leaders at the White House on Monday, according to a senior government official who demanded anonymity to share the plan. Coal State Senator Joe Manchin, DW.Va. Needed a new approach after the White House rejected the White House’s previous clean energy program.

Officials said the new proposal would expand subsidies and lending in the agricultural and industrial sectors to support the transition to clean energy providers with lower greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming. There is also a new, refundable home renovation tax credit for using solar, wind and other renewable energy sources. Officials said the momentum was gaining as the group united around new ideas.

The new strategy has shrunk at least $ 1.75 trillion in social welfare and climate change investment before Biden departs for two global summits abroad later this week. It comes when you’re having a hard time putting together a package negotiation.

Vice President Kamala Harris visited an afternoon meeting with several leaders of major US environmental and judicial organizations to address the goals of the package, while acknowledging the sometimes tough process of achieving consensus within the party. Repeated the president’s commitment.

“The president, myself, and our administration are unwavering in our commitment to these issues. Absolutely unwavering,” she said. “But there’s an old saying that you don’t want to see sausages made and you don’t want to see bills made.”

At the heart of Biden’s climate change strategy was a clean energy program that rewards utilities that use clean energy sources and penalizes those that do not.

But when Manchin opposed it, the approach had to be abolished. The Republican Party is completely opposed to Biden’s big package, so the president needs the support of all Democrats in the Senate, divided into 50-50.

Government officials said the government was not tied to one clean energy strategy as a “silver bullet.”

Instead, the government is consolidating around a new package of strategies that the authorities have stated that the same emission reduction targets could be achieved without adding new costs to the entire proposed budget.

It is unclear if the new proposal will be accepted by Manchin. He preferred an approach that favored one industry less than the other, as coal is beginning to be phased out for a cleaner energy source.

The new strategy seems to be using more incentives to encourage the use of clean energy, rather than penalties for failed migrations. This can help beat Manchin. But climate change advocates need penalties to help industry turn to cleaner sources more quickly as the world competes to face the dire threat of climate change. Claims to be.

Grants and loans to the agricultural sector help local electrical cooperatives move to cleaner energy sources. This can be interesting for Manchin in his local state.

Similarly, industrial steel, cement and aluminum plants may use funds to enhance the use of more environmentally friendly sources, officials said. Home renovation tax credits will also be expanded.

Biden is heading for a World Summit, including the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Scotland later this week, hoping to relocate the United States as a world leader on this issue, hoping for a deal at hand. is.

The Democratic Party has put together an overall plan for Biden’s package to provide tax credits and spending to boost renewable energies such as wind and solar and significantly increase the number of electric vehicles. Proponents said that in addition to the plan, government agency actions such as pending EPA regulations to curb methane emissions, and state actions would be greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 compared to 2005 levels. We believe it is sufficient to meet or nearly achieve Weiden’s goal of halving.

White House Focuses on New Climate Change Strategy with Biden Bill | WGN Radio 720

Source link White House Focuses on New Climate Change Strategy with Biden Bill | WGN Radio 720

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