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In this June 6, 2021 file photo, a young man receives the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine in the city of Central Israel, Rishon Region. (AP photo / Sebastian Scheiner)

The White House said Wednesday that children aged 5 to 11 would soon take COVID-19 shots at pediatrician’s offices, local pharmacies, and even schools, as a detailed plan for Pfizer’s expected approval. Said that he would be able to. Filmed for elementary school students in a few weeks.

Federal regulators will meet over the next two weeks to weigh the safety and efficacy of giving low-dose shots to approximately 28 million children in that age group.

Millions of doses to healthcare providers nationwide within hours of formal approval after the Food and Drug Administration approves and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Advisory Board meets on November 2-3. It will start towards. A small needle needed to inject an infant.

Within that few days, the vaccine will be ready for large-scale weapons.

Jeff Seiens, COVID-19 Coordinator of the White House, said: “We are ready until the FDA and CDC decisions are made.”

The Pfizer vaccine should be given twice every 3 weeks and wait 2 weeks for full protection to begin. That is, the first young people in line will be fully covered at Christmas.

Some parents can’t wait.

Dr. Sterling Lanson said the rural office in Deltaville, Virginia, has already received calls from people who “want a shot now” asking for children’s reservations.

“Judging by the number of calls, I think the first few weeks will be criticized,” said Lanson, president of the American Academy of Family Physiology.

Chicago film and television screenwriter Justin Shady said he was nervous when his six-year-old daughter Gray said he would take a picture soon. But he’s bribeing her on a trip to Disney World, and “she’s all in.”

The family loves to travel and “we really just want to go back to the swing of seeing the world,” Shady said.

For young people under the age of 5, Pfizer and Modana are studying vaccines in children up to 6 months of age, with results expected by the end of the year.

The Biden administration said the expansion of injections into children under the age of 12 would mean the start of vaccine deployment in the country 10 months ago, where limited doses and inadequate capacity meant a painstaking wait for many Americans. Said it didn’t look like.

The country now has a sufficient supply of Pfizer shots to vaccinate children who will soon be qualified, officials said, and they ensure widespread availability of shots. I’ve been working for months. According to the White House, about 15 million doses will be shipped to providers across the United States in the first week after approval.

The White House said more than 25,000 pediatricians and primary care providers have already signed to dispense vaccines to elementary school students, in addition to the tens of thousands of drugstores that are already injecting adults.

Hundreds of schools and community-based clinics are also funded and supported by the Federal Emergency Management Agency to help speed up the process.

In addition to the clinic, the school is probably a popular spot for shots.

In Maryland, state officials have offered to help schools set up vaccination clinics. Denver’s public schools plan to hold mass vaccination events for young children, and there is also a small clinic that offers shots during the day and night of the school. Chicago’s Public Health Department works closely with schools that already hold vaccination events for students and their families over the age of 12.

The White House is also preparing an enhanced campaign to educate parents and children about the safety of shots and the ease of getting them. As with adult vaccination, the government believes that trusted messengers (educators, doctors, community leaders) are essential to encourage vaccination.

Dr. Lisa Reed, Family Medicine Medical Director at MAHEC, a safety net provider in western North Carolina, said she is servicing patients in urban communities such as the Appalachian region and the tourist destination of Asheville. board.

“Unfortunately, I live in an area where vaccines are hesitant,” Reed said.

Due to the history of distrust, “some people have low health literacy and some belong to ethnic groups that are generally hesitant,” she said. And she said that Asheville has a significant population of well-educated adults who are long-time vaccine skeptics.

According to the CDC, children are at lower risk of becoming seriously ill with COVID-19 than older people, but at least 637 people under the age of 18 die of the virus in the United States. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, 6 million US children have been infected, of which 1 million have been infected since early September as the more contagious delta mutants prevail.

Health officials believe that expanding vaccine propulsion can not only reduce the transmission of a surprising number of children, but also reduce the spread of the virus to vulnerable adults. It may also help young people get back on track academically, leaving schools open and contributing to the wider recovery of the nation from the pandemic.

“COVID also disrupted the lives of our children. It made school difficult, the ability to see friends and family, and young people’s sports more difficult,” said Vivek, a US surgeon.・ Dr. Mercy told NBC. “Vaccination of children not only protects them, but also regains all activities that are very important to them.”

According to Mercy, the administration, which imposes vaccination obligations on millions of adults, leaves it up to state and local officials to decide whether to require children to be vaccinated. But he said such measures were “reasonable to consider.”

“It’s also consistent with what we’ve done against other pediatric vaccines like measles, mumps, polio,” he said.

According to authorities, the United States has purchased Pfizer’s pediatric shots 65 million times. This is expected to be one-third of the dose given to adults and adolescents. They are shipped in smaller packages, each about 100 doses, so that more providers can offer them, and do not require ultra-cold storage as the adult version first did.

Approximately 219 million people over the age of 12, or 66% of the total population, are vaccinated against COVID-19, and nearly 190 million are fully vaccinated.

White House Details Plans to Immunize 28 Million Children 5-11 Years Old | Chicago News

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