What Types of Text Content Work Best for Social Media?

Text content continues to be one of the most powerful and effective tools to boost engagement, explain the value of products or services to consumers, and solve different challenges in marketing your business.

While visual content has now become the norm, it is still accompanied by descriptions, captions, and hashtags that are all different text formats. Thus, it is safe to assume that text content remains as the most understandable and convenient for search algorithms and readers alike.

Below are the types of text content that should be part of your social media marketing campaigns.

Entertainment Content

Entertainment content can engage and bring positive emotions. Many people use social media for the sole purpose of recreation. They expect to read about fun and positive things that can make them happy and can be shared with their own circles. This is the first thing you need to remember every time you come up with entertainment posts.

These types of content are not used for direct selling because they work differently. Posts that are really interesting become viral or they spread fast through reposts and shares. Entertainment content include interesting facts, ambient posts, memes, bad advice, funny captions, and comments to videos and images related to your services or products.

Entertainment content also functions for audience engagement that be done through polls, tests, giveaways, and contents, all of which can stimulate subscribers.

Informational Content

Informational content can help build trust and bring more benefits. This type of content doesn’t sell directly although it serves to warm up and attract your target audience. It gives an idea regarding the company and its products or services, keeps followers updated with company new, explains the convenience of their purchase, and demonstrates complex or new products.

According to these goals, you can choose from the different categories of informational content and these include news content, professional content, image content, useful content, and educational content.

Selling Content

The last but not the least, selling content can make your readers want to place their order. A selling post identifies the issues or tasks of your target audience and provides solution through the help of specific services and products. The purpose of selling content is to entice users to take the necessary conversion actions after they read it.

In order to achieve the intended actions, authors of selling posts use specialized techniques. AIDA or Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action is one of the most classic formulas when it comes to writing selling content. This works well for both business-to-consumer and business-to-business segments.

Ideal Ratio for Social Media

According to social media marketing experts, the optimal ratio for social media content is 50% informational content, 30% selling content, and 20% entertainment content. There are times when it is also conventional to divide content into several types.

For instance, there are informational posts that can lead readers to make a purchase, like how entertainment content may contain useful information for the audience, and selling texts can also be informative.

Be sure to use these different types of content to take your social media game to greater heights.


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