What time is the Bears match?Matt Nagy’s crew face Detroit Lions in a Thanksgiving match

Detroit-Misery has a company in Motor City.

The unwinning Detroit Lions (0-9-1) start scheduling NFL games at Thanksgiving as usual, and guests have a lot of their own problems due to changes.

The game starts at 11:30 AM CST.

The Chicago Bears (3-7) have lost five games in a row and could lose their coach this week as well.

Within 48 hours of the kick-off at Ford Field, embarrassed Matt Nagy was questioned at a press conference about reports that he was told not to coach the Bears after the match on Thursday.

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The article on firing was written by Mark Konkol, a former Pulitzer Prize-winning Chicago Sun-Times news reporter, and did not provide a source.

Nagy said the report was not accurate.

“I understand what the world of media will be, I understand it,” he said. “But at the same time, if I get distracted from being the best leader for this team, I’m not going to make it happen.”

If Chicago played only Detroit, Nagy would be as stable as any coach in the sport. He’s 6-1 against the sneaky Lions and less than .500 against the rest of the NFL.

Nagy was 31-27 and 0-2 in the four-year playoffs and was marked by winning 12 games in his debut season. Bear fans clearly sound tired of him and say “Fire Na-gy!”. Last week as the team lost the lead in the last 30 seconds for the second straight week.

Bears Safety Tashaun Gipson claimed that players haven’t left Nagy.

“We lost 6 seasons, maybe 7 seasons in 10 years,” Gipson said. “So obviously I know how a loser feels. I know what a loser locker room looks like, and this is not the case.”

Detroit has recently approached victory, but it’s still in short supply. After a 16 to 1 draw in Pittsburgh last week, he lost 3 points in Cleveland last Sunday.

Dan Campbell’s first-year coach desperately wants the Lions to win with all their eyes during the holidays.

“I know it’s in the spotlight and I want to go out and play the best performances, the best games, and be sure to win,” Campbell said. “That’s about this, but it’s special. It’s good.”

Below the center

Chicago has begun an 11-year veteran quarterback Andy Dalton with rookie Justin Fields after injuring his ribs last week. The three-time professional bowler was injured earlier in the year and left the lineup with a knee injury after starting the first two games of the season.

Lions expect Jared Goff to return under the center after missing a match due to a diagonal injury. Goff is listed as suspicious after being actually restricted all week long. Backup Tim Boyle was even worse against Browns, as Goff saw it as dull. He made two intercepts at the first NFL start, with 15 out of 23 at 77 yards.

Slump again

The Bears have lost more than four games in a row for three consecutive seasons.

Tight end Cole Kmet said, “I’m not going to lie and I’m not going to tell you you’re completely annoyed about it.”

After losing six games in a row last year, Chicago reorganized and made the playoffs the seventh seed in the expansion field.

Silver lining

The best player of the Detroit season is the second year D’Andre Swift running back. He has been rushing to Cleveland’s best career of 136 yards and has touched down to 266 yards in the last two games. He leads all running backs at 53 receptions.

“The most important thing is the play he gets. We try to maximize his potential and get the most benefit from him,” Campbell said. “He is stable, reliable and really growing all year round.”

Sack attack

The Bears have won 10 bags in the last two games and 31 bags this season, leading Minnesota to the top of the league at the beginning of the week.

Bears had six sack against Tyler Huntley in Baltimore, including the best 3 1/2 of his career with the resurrected Robert Quinn. They fired Ben Roethlisberger from Pittsburgh four times last week.

Quinn has 10 bags this year, reaching double digits for the fifth time in 11 seasons after finishing with 2 bags in 2020.


Akiem Hicks, a defensive end, and Damien Williams, a running back, will play with Fields injured by Bears. Chicago wide receiver Allen Robinson is suspicious because he was unable to play in the match due to a hamstring injury. Lions, who started guard Harapo Liberty Weitai and back-up cornerback AJ Parker, cease activity after being injured by Browns.

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What time is the Bears match?Matt Nagy’s crew face Detroit Lions in a Thanksgiving match

Source link What time is the Bears match?Matt Nagy’s crew face Detroit Lions in a Thanksgiving match

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