What kind of mask should I wear now?

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New York (AP) —What’s the latest advice on what kind of mask I should wear?

It depends on your situation, but health officials say it should cover your nose and mouth and fit snugly so that there are no gaps on the sides of your face.

NS Centers for Disease Control and Prevention He also tells me to choose a mask and nose wire with two or more layers to prevent air from leaking from above. It is advisable to lift the mask to see if it blocks the light. This means that the fabric will probably filter out more particles.

If additional protection is needed, experts also recommend wearing two masks or combining them with a mask fitter to leave no gaps.

Laura Kwon, an assistant professor of environmental health sciences at the University of California, Berkeley, says it’s also important to find a comfortable mask that you can actually wear.

If consumables are available, people can opt for disposable N95 masks for personal use, the CDC says in updated guidance. Such masks are considered to be the most effective in blocking viral particles. Authorities had previously stated that N95 masks should be reserved for healthcare professionals, but supply has since expanded.

For hearing-impaired and hearing-impaired people, we recommend alternative face covers such as transparent masks and cloth masks with clear plastic panels. Health officials say transparent medical masks should be prioritized for healthcare professionals and patients in need of them.

What kind of mask should I wear now?

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