What are the ways to visualize the interior?

Design visualization is important first of all for the customer – not everyone can abstractly imagine how the interior will look after renovation.  The designer may have something of his own in mind, but the customer represents something completely different.  To avoid misunderstandings and show the idea clearly, the designers propose to visualize the interior project.  This makes it easier to imagine what the output will be.  The image will reflect how the design will look in volume, textures, colors of finishing materials and design elements will be combined with each other.

More 3d furniture modeling services by 3Nitro are useful for builders and repairmen.  A visual picture that you can rely on helps to avoid inaccuracies and mistakes.

Interior visualization methods

There are three main ways to create a visualization: sketch, collage, and 3D graphics.


The designer makes several drawings of the apartment from different angles.  Usually this is a colored sketch, which, with proper skill, quite realistically reflects the final result of the design project.

The advantage of this method is the speed of execution.  The designer does not spend as much time on drawing as it usually takes to create a 3D image.  He can sketch a sketch right at the meeting with the client and correct something during the discussion.  The client says wishes in real time and makes adjustments, and the designer immediately reflects them in the drawing.  This saves everyone time.

The minus of the sketch is that it cannot be copied.  Each drawing of a room’s design, but from a different angle, has to be started anew.  And even if the designer is a great artist, the sketch will still not reflect all the details.  For example, how the light will be distributed throughout the room.


Clippings from magazines or inserts from catalogs on a computer are taken and assembled into one picture.  These can be separate elements of decor and furniture.  They attach a palette of colors or some separate pictures that convey the atmosphere and style of the idea.

The disadvantage of collages is that the proportions are not respected, and therefore it is impossible to fully assess how the final result will look.  Just roughly imagine, catch the mood of the overall picture.  But if the customer fully relies on the professionalism of the designer, then the lack of complete realism of the design project is not a problem.

The advantage of this method is that you don’t need to have any special skills to make a collage.  Only good aesthetic taste. Collage can be done without the participation of the designer or with him.  Sometimes customers already bring their clippings, and together with the designer, they put together a collage.

 3D visualization

The most popular method.  It is also called photorealistic.  This is a three-dimensional image of a future project with the full drawing of details, with respect to proportions and reflection of textures.  This visualization method is the most informative and helps to visually present to the customer how the design project will be implemented.  Usually, these are several images at once from different angles and angles.

Many find it difficult to navigate through a sketch or collage because these are images that are far from reality.  They do not give a complete understanding of the scale of the furniture and the sense of space.  And 3D visualization is convincing with an accurate display of all the subtleties.  The designer can show the client the interior in daylight and in artificial lighting, with different placement of furniture or in several colors.  The 3D view is especially useful when the customer plans to invest heavily in renovations.  In this case, 3D will clearly show where the customer is spending money and what will come of it.  But it’s important to understand that 3D rendering is time-consuming.  It will no longer be possible to open the album and quickly draw something.

These are the ways to visualize the interior today.  However, one should not forget that a lot depends on the chosen specialists.  Therefore, it is worth contacting only trusted places, such as https://www.treenitro.com/architectural-design/3d-architectural-modeling-services/.


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