Western Digital Announces Edge Server for Robust 5G Networks in Rugged Environments

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Western Digital It was started Ultrastar Edge server To support 5G networks and other communications in harsh environments.

If you’re planning a trip to the wilderness of Alaska and want to stream a live video of a bear chasing your friends home, it’s a good idea to bring one of these. The server can provide speed and capacity for real-time analytics, AI, deep learning, ML training and inference, and video transcoding at the edge.

Seriously, the company said these Ultrastar Edge servers could be life-threatening when it comes to building robust networks in harsh remote environments.

WD expansion

Servers are part of Western Digital’s commitment to providing the foundation for the world’s most important data infrastructure. Western Digital uses servers to bring computing power closer to where data is generated, speeding up processing, reducing latency, and making real-time decisions when disconnected.

With the increasing adoption of 5G, the Internet of Things, and the cloud, businesses and consumers expect ultra-fast performance in their applications. This demands a new distributed intelligent architecture outside the core data center to assist in data ingestion, analysis, and transformation at the edge. In addition, organizations are running applications in very remote locations such as deserts, oceans, and jungles, creating a need for durable computing and storage where networks can be expensive, intermittent, or nonexistent. We are promoting.

Designed for cloud service providers, telcos, and system integrators, Western Digital’s Ultrastar Edge servers are easy to transport, deploy, and scale in field, colocation (coro) facilities, factories, or remote data centers. The new family includes the Ultrastar Edge-MR, a highly rugged, stackable and mobile server for military and professional field teams working in harsh remote environments, and two mobile units with a portable case. Includes Ultrastar Edge, a rack mountable server. For roller and edge data centers. Both solutions are currently being sampled and will be available for general availability starting in the fourth quarter.

Important reason

Above: Western Digital’s Ultrastar Edge server is rugged.

Image Credit: Western Digital

Manoj Sukumaran, senior analyst for data center computing at Omdia, said in a statement that as latency-sensitive applications proliferate, more computing power will be needed at edge locations. He said he expects server deployments at edge locations to double by 2024, bringing the total to an estimated 5 million units. These are essential components for enabling new innovations and products, cloud services, remote campuses, CDNs, and virtually any vertical industry that depends on them. IoT, sensor, or remote data.

In the world of 5G and IoT, computing needs to be done at the edge. This is especially true near devices, end users, and machines that generate data, especially when latency and bandwidth are essential factors for success. He said he was happy to see Western Digital enter the market as the industry needs reliable products from trusted vendors.

Kurt Chan, vice president of data center platforms at Western Digital, said in a statement that as a leader in storage technology, Western Digital is always looking forward to how it can continue to meet its customers’ needs. The growth of data creation at the edge, the opportunity to derive value from that data, and the sum of the available markets and customers who innovate and work at the edge give the company the opportunity to launch a server.


Above: Western Digital’s Ultrastar Edge as seen from the back.

Image Credit: Western Digital

Ultrastar Edge-MR is a rugged, stackable solution designed and tested according to the MIL-STD-810G-CHG-1 standard for shock and vibration limiting. It also complies with the MIL-STD-461G standard for electromagnetic interference. In addition, the unit is rated at IP32, which protects it from water and debris. Whether it’s conducting military operations, investigating on Amazon, or analyzing data during oil and gas exploration, Western Digital says the Ultrastar Edge-MR can handle extreme situations. Both Ultrastar Edge solutions feature Trusted Platform Module 2.0, a tamper-proof enclosure built to meet FIPS 140-2 Level 2 security standards that help store, protect, transfer, and distribute sensitive data. Aeon Computing is one of several partners.

The core of each Ultrastar Edge solution is a durable, high-speed server that supports up to 40 cores on two Intel Xeon scalable processors. It also features an Nvidia T4 graphics processing unit (GPU) and eight Ultrastar NVMe SSDs that provide up to 61TB of storage. It has two 50Gb Ethernet connections or one 100Gb Ethernet connection to send critical data back to the cloud or data center when connecting.

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Western Digital Announces Edge Server for Robust 5G Networks in Rugged Environments

Source link Western Digital Announces Edge Server for Robust 5G Networks in Rugged Environments

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