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Bloomington — Director of Bloomington Public Library They said they would use more scrutiny when selecting books to be highlighted in the building’s monthly exhibits.

The showcase is located on the second floor of the library, between the children’s and adults’ areas, and features different themes each month. The theme for September is a graphic novel.

Bloomington’s Jesse Simmons expressed concern after her husband took her seven-year-old son to the children’s section near the display and said, “Something is wrong.”

According to Simmons, some selections included sexually explicit content and substance use.

“I went a few days later … I personally sat in the display case and flipped through the book for an hour,” Simmons said. “You have extreme drug use, extreme blasphemy promotion through all these things … blasphemy against God … I could continue. It’s vulgar.”

Simmons was concerned about the library staff, but said he wasn’t happy with the reaction and fact that the books continued to be on display for the last few days of September.

“They leave their parents accountable,” she said. “They robbed my parents of authority to say yes or no before my child picked it up.”

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Library director Jeanne Hamilton said the complaint was received by the library.

“Overall, the theme was graphic novels, and there were some non-family titles that landed there,” she said.

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Hamilton said he checked each title individually through catalogs around the world and found that more than 100 libraries in the United States had the same books on their shelves.

When asked why the Normal Public Library didn’t have the same books, Hamilton said that Normal had “about 151,500 books in the collection and about 228,500 books in the Bloomington Public Library.”

“I’m convinced that there are many titles that aren’t normal in the various subject areas that Bloomington deals with,” she said.

Simmons on Tuesday confronted the Library Commission during a regular meeting and called for a “public resolution” on the issue. It wasn’t clear what it would look like. Simmons said he didn’t want the library to ban books. One searched the surveillance camera footage and called on the trustee to dismiss the librarian who edited the display.

In most cases, those who spoke during public comments assisted Bloomington Library staff.

The book in question is categorized for adults in the library catalog system, exploring the topics of race, sexuality, and the alienation of specific groups within society. Some commenters said it was necessary to make these perspectives publicly available.

“It’s important to me that every child raised here has access to representatives, including LGBTQ, racial diversity, cultural diversity, and different religions,” says WHO. She said. “It’s important for everyone to understand how unique they are in the world.”

“This is very important to me, because if I grew up in a closet and looked more at my expression of sexuality, I might not be afraid of being my entire life.”

Bloomington-American ordinary democratic socialist spokeswoman Cristol Able told the pantograph that he believed the controversy had been disproportionately blown away.

“They want to prevent people from being able to recognize the truth, reflect themselves and see themselves in order to dismantle the system of oppression and racism,” she said. “They want people to grow up and not realize that we … can actually achieve equality and inclusion for all.”

As a regular resident, Jason Harmy, the book explores ideas and, like the movie, contains adult themes and languages ​​that are part of the storytelling experience rather than part of the overall message. said. He said Tuesday’s issue felt more politically condemned than moral motivation.

“It feels like a public attack on our institution,” he said. “It’s the first time I’ve done something like this. I’m sick of it. Civil servants who serve us should be treated that way.”

Simmons encouraged others to attend the meeting on Tuesday, which was interrupted by cheers, music, applause, and protests.

Hamilton said they reviewed the policy.

“We will look back and focus on putting more family-friendly books in the field in the future.”

The theme for October is cookbooks.

Similar concerns have been raised earlier. In Cheyenne, Wyoming, residents have told police that library books on gender and LGBT issues are obscene and that library staff should be arrested.

In 2008, the Bloomington Library took the DVD of the movie “Shortbus” off the shelves after saying that the resident was inappropriate.

Watch Now: Bloomington Library on Fire for Book Exhibition | Lifestyle

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