Washington is spiritual for Matt Ioannidis’ return

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To someone on the team, player, or coach Matt Yoanidis, And they will say the same to you: they are excited to get him back.

“Matt is the core … the core of this defensive line group.” Jonathan Allen Said during the mini camp. “It’s exciting and good for him to come back.”

Ioanidis, who led the team in the sack in the 2019 season, tore the biceps and made another strong start in 2020 with 1.5 sack in three games before missing the rest of the year. The group was convinced that there was depth to regain the slack at the time, but that did not undermine how influential it was to lose five years of veteran.

He has fully recovered and is on track for the first week, adding more experience and leadership to what was already one of the team’s strongest positions.

“It helps us a lot,” said the Defensive Line coach. Sam Mills III.. “What Matt gives us is a factor of stability. [and] A big body that played a lot of snaps inside. “

Ioanidis has been steadily rising since its first start in 2017. Since the sixth week of the season, he has put 20 pressures on 121 pass rush snaps and recorded the second highest pass rush productivity score (13.2). Aaron Donald, For each professional football focus.

It served as a starting point for the rest of the career as Io Anidis collected 16.0 bags in the next two seasons. His 8.5 sack in 2019 was the third among interior defensive linemen. The only players in front of him: Donald and Chiefs Chris Jones.

And although there was a drop in play time in 2020 (on average about 37% of defense snaps in three games), it was still effective as a pass rusher. PFF gave him a 77.0 pass rush grade. This was the best of his career. Its production with a limited number of people is part of why Rivera is excited to get him back.

“Last year was good. I think it would be even better if Matt helped me at the soccer field,” Rivera said. “What you’ve seen is doing extra, little things that help him develop your skill set.”

Offensive tackles and sack are just some of the missing defensive lines in Washington, and Ioanidis is on the sidelines. His veteran leadership was first raised during the season when Mills was asked about the quality he would most miss about his game.

That fact is still true after about 10 months. Io Anidis entered his sixth season and became one of only three defensive linemen with more than three years of experience. As Mills said, “you can’t make up for it.”

“No matter how successful it is, you can’t achieve veteran leadership,” Mills said. “Matt has done a lot of downs in this league. He’s a calming power for us. He’s a strong and powerful guy for us in the middle.”

Ioanidis’ teammates are also anxious to bring him back on the field. Most of Washington’s pressure came from edge players last year.Duo Chase Young And Montes Sweatshirt It occupied more than one-third of Washington’s bags. The return of Ioanidis to rotation should help the front fold the pockets more easily. This means less time for quarterbacks to make decisions and more opportunities for sack and turnover.

“We love playing with him,” Allen said. “He’s a great person to be in the field [and] Out of the field. So last year we definitely lost some of us. So getting him back is really exciting for us. “

Io Anidis is not known as a frank player, but it doesn’t have to be based on how he plays. The team knows how important he is to success. His coach and teammates don’t expect that change.

“I’m very happy with him in the game,” Mills said. “I’m very happy with his leadership role and what Matt does for us in the run and pass games. I’m very proud of him and I hope he continues to grow. I am looking forward to it.”

Washington is spiritual for Matt Ioannidis’ return

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