Warzone’s New Weapon | How to Get EM2, TEC-9 in Warzone Season 5

NS New Warzone Weapon In Season 5, almost everyone has something, and most of all, it’s easily available.

The new season comes with four new weapons, including a deadly pistol and a classy club to deal with close range issues. Two of them are free, but you need to test your skills for the other two.

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Warzone’s New Weapon | Warzone Season 5 EM2

EM2 is a new assault rifle that is available as soon as the patch is released. It’s also one of the completely free weapons of the season.

How to unlock EM2

To get EM2, you need to raise the tier of the Season 5 Battle Pass to 15. Raven doesn’t say if the EM2 blueprints will appear, but these weapons usually also have a blueprint bundle in the in-game store.

EM2 attachment

It’s a bit early to give a complete overview of the best EM2 attachments, but Raven shared some information that can be used for common builds. The EM2 has good range and stability, but has a lower rate of fire. If you build it to work effectively over longer distances and do more damage, it will slow down the rate of fire. You can also consider turning the EM2 into a decent long-range beamer with even less recoil.

That said, if you’re not careful, the ADS will be very slow and the EM2 will be awkward. Therefore, if you use an attachment that reduces recoil but weakens ADS, consider using a regular suppressor.

The EM2 is also the only rifle in the game that has a built-in low-zoom optics, but if you want to use it for long-range combat, you’ll need to add better optics. However, if you’re happy with the stockscope, you can add a lap to the rear grip to further speed up the ADS.

Warzone’s New Weapon | Warzone Season 5 TEC-9

The TEC-9 joins the SMG rank and offers good range and high controllability if you want to put up with the rate of fire.

How to unlock the TEC-9

The TEC-9 is another free weapon. It will be unlocked at Season 5 Battle Pass Tier 31. As with the EM2, I’m still not sure if the TEC-9 Blueprint will appear.

TEC-9 attachment

Raven said the TEC-9 is long-range, highly accurate, and has good damage output from medium range. A good TEC-9 build increases its damage output by increasing speed. This compensates for the SMG’s rate of fire being less than a star, similar to the EM2.

The main point of the TEC-9 is that it is semi-automatic in the case of used inventory. No matter how good the trigger finger is, you probably don’t want to use it that way, so the first call port will be the new muzzle, Burst Fire or Full Auto Repeater.

Despite its amazing range, the SMG is always a short-range weapon, so you can prioritize ADS and bullet speed at the expense of recoil without much pain.

Like most high-speed weapons, you’ll probably want to buff your movement speed with a laser.

Warzone’s New Weapon | Warzone Season 5 Wand

The wand is a new season 5 melee weapon, and Raven promises it’s weird. Allegedly, a single hit on the wand can unknowingly knock on the enemy. It makes the wand a convenient secondary weapon at close range, assuming you are not surrounded.

How to unlock a wand in War Zone and Cold War

The wand is also free, but it’s trapped behind the challenge. What the challenge is remains a mystery for now — we’ll update it when it’s available — but there’s also a cane blueprint set.

Warzone’s New Weapon | Warzone Season 5 Marshall

The Marshall is a new pistol inspired by the black ops cold war 3 pistol of the same name. Although the attachments are limited, you can “clean up the room” and defeat the enemy in one shot.

How to unlock Marshall in War Zone and Cold War

Marshall is also hiding behind an unannounced challenge, with a blueprint in the in-game store.

If you don’t have these new ones War zone Weapons hit your fantasies, no harm to sticking to old guns. Rounded up the best existing weapons of each type, including:

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Warzone’s New Weapon | How to Get EM2, TEC-9 in Warzone Season 5

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