“Vortex” First Look: Gaspar Noé Movie Star Dario Argento

Gaspar Noé is coming to Cannes. In short, “Vortex” should be one of the busiest films at the festival.

Filmmaker Provocate Gaspar Noé is back with a surprising new film.Vortex.. A mysterious Instagram-style first-look image from the drama has been released, showing a ghostly person under the bed sheets. Little is known about “Vortex”, but it will be world premiered in 2021. Cannes The newly created Cannes Premier Section Film Festival. The cast includes the iconic Italian director Dario Argento, as well as Francoise Lebrunn and Alex Lutz.

Report variety At the Cannes premiere of the film, “Vortex” is described as “a documentary-style film that revolves around the last days of an elderly couple.” Screen Daily Noe reports in Cannes that he was “racing to complete the film.” Production has just begun this year.Some information dug up by Movie stage Peg “Vortex” that combines the style of French filmmaker Jean Eustache with the typical Italian Giallo horror genre of Argent. Official details from Cannes and the distributor Wild Bunch have not been revealed.

“Vortex” is one of the official selections or parallel sidebars of the Cannes Film Festival and will be the seventh Solonoe film to be premiered in the world. Whenever Noe heads to Cannes, he delivers one of the festival’s busiest films. Prior to the announcement in Cannes, Noé’s efforts included “Lux Æterna” (2019), “Climax” (2018), “Love” (2015), “Enter The Void” (2009), “Irréversible” (2002), and ” I Stand ”and so on. Alone “(I998).

IndieWire Chief Critic Eric Kohn has declared Noe’s “climax” as the best film of his career to date since Cannes 2018, when the film premiered in the Directors’ Fortnight sidebar. ..The· Review “Gaspar Noé’s amazing psychedelic ride is his most focused achievement, playing like a” step-up “franchise and a smooth mashup of” Salo, or Sodom’s 120 days. ” A concise package of sizzling dance sequences and shocking developments. To mention Noe’s own provocative credit confusing movie tricks. “

Some of the “Vortex” log lines have already dubbed “Amour” from Project Noé, the winner of Michael Haneke’s Palme d’Or. “Vortex” doesn’t have a US distributor yet, but Noé probably doesn’t want to go to Netflix or the streaming giant.

“I like making movies for big screens,” Noé said. Told IndieWire 2019. “I like watching the audience scream, cry, and laugh when the movie is released. And when you show the movie on TV or Netflix, that doesn’t happen.”

Check out the first photo you saw from “Vortex” below.


Gaspar Noé

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“Vortex” First Look: Gaspar Noé Movie Star Dario Argento

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