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in the meantime I have no time to die producer Barbara Broccoli The 007 franchise steward admitted that after Daniel Craig sang a swan song as a super secret agent, he still didn’t know how James Bond would return, and she allowed. You can rest assured that James Bond will be back. “

Broccoli was speaking at Deadline’s Contenders Film on Saturday. The New York event was virtually attended by producer Michael G. Wilson and co-stars. Rami Malek, Special effects supervisor Chris Corbould Production designer Mark Tildesley.

MGM/ Eon / Universal’s Cary Joji Fukunaga-Director I have no time to die After four release date changes in the pandemic, World premiere September 28 Previously at the Royal Albert Hall in London Opened at $ 113 million overseas..Its development in North America It started in early October.

It’s mid-November 2021 Hollywood’s biggest title and pandemicAnd with $ 756 million in revenue by last Sunday, it was imperative for the team to ensure that the movie would appear on the big screen.

Broccoli said: “What was very important to us was that this movie was shown in the cinema because of this beautiful landscape. We are very excited to be able to open it in the cinema. “

Wilson said: “

I have no time to die It begins the opening sequence in a different way than the previous Bond, tells the story behind Madeleine of Léa Seydou, and introduces Marek’s villain, Lut Schiffer Safin. Broccoli believes he came up with an idea that Fukunaga called “very successful.” Wilson said: Of the movie. “

For Marek, who called the Bond franchise “essentially the backbone of our film history,” getting into Safin’s headspace was “very difficult. I usually find some way through empathy and empathy. Trying to find a way to that person’s moral compass, but in Safin it was very difficult. Fortunately, I don’t think we share very similar DNA. So it felt like a stretch, and it was fun. I loved transformation and it felt that way. It’s the exact opposite of what Daniel brought, unless it’s the exact opposite. It was a bit North Star in my own way because it didn’t. “

He also said of the opening scene, “When you’re in a Norwegian subglacial lake, it’s about to melt quickly, so it won’t get any worse.”

Combining the emotional undercurrent of the story with the pieces of the action set, Corbold said: “It’s very important to keep the reality of all actions as a base. In James Bond movies, we always had a mantra that wasn’t too fantastic, and that’s what we achieved. .. DB5 chase, end sequence, sunken trawler, it’s all really powerful, special ones are really important The effects aren’t fantastic and don’t rob us from the script or characters. “

“I think the difficult or interesting thing is to weave two things together to create a set or effect that helps enhance the story, not just for the story,” Tildesley added. I did. He described the sequence in Matera, Italy as “an extraordinary stunt, but at the same time incredibly tense. It’s betrayal and all of them, biting nails and great things, and trying to find their connection. Tells a story about what to do. “

No Time to Die Review: Daniel Craig Offers James Bond A Thrilling and Emotional Exit

I have no time to die Craig marks the fifth and final turn as Agent 007. After leaving active duty and heading to Jamaica, Bond receives a letter from an old CIA friend asking him to help find the missing person. A simple search turns into the most dangerous mission faced by the Super Spy in Safin’s mysterious new villain. The cast also includes Say Dux, Lashana Lynch, Ralph Fiennes, Benwinshaw, Naomie Harris, Rory Kinnear, Jeffrey Wright, Billy Magnussen and Christoph Waltz.

Check back on Monday for the panel video.

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Video Interview with No Time to Die Producer-New York Candidates-Deadline

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