UU-Children’s computer will soon return to normal operation

The HOT SPRINGS VILLAGE-UU-Computers for Kids (C4K) program is approaching normal operational levels.

Students in the area can qualify for either laptops or desktops. A $ 20 donation is required for playback computers that include Windows 10 and Office 2019.

Recent placements, arranged by placement director Jade Sierra, include 16 computers to Abilities Unlimited and 15 computers to Essential Pathways. Both are hot springs. Future placements will include 24 adults graduating from the Bridges Out of Poverty program sponsored by Cooperative Christian Ministries and Clinic in Hot Springs.

“In the last few months, some good things have happened that are worth reporting,” the news release said. “Some of the good news is that C4K received 70 desktop computers from Wasita Baptist University and 12 systems from the Hot Springs School District. 12 systems from HSSD have been refurbished and Essential Pathways have been deployed. I did. “

C4K is a 13-year-old non-profit organization based in Hot Springs Village that plays used computers with current software, including Windows 10 and Office 2019, as well as other useful software. According to the release, the replayed computer is arranged for college students and adults to participate in self-improvement programs, from kindergarten to high school.

To inquire about the availability of a refurbished laptop or desktop computer, call Sierra 817-210-2551 or send an email. [email protected] com.

To donate your computer, go to, call 501-781-0598, or call Bob McCleskey (501-226-9426). [email protected]

UU-Children’s computer will soon return to normal operation

Source link UU-Children’s computer will soon return to normal operation

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