US Dominating Delta; Focus on Soccer Crowds: Virus Updates

(Bloomberg)-“Super-contagious” delta mutants could stop other viral mutations in the United States within a few weeks, said Rochelle Walensky, director of the CDC. Approximately 1,000 US counties with low vaccination rates are particularly vulnerable, especially in the southeast and midwest.

President Joe Biden’s administration has sent a response team to a hotspot to stop the spread of delta variants. In August, New York will celebrate his return from Covid-19 at the Central Park Concert.

In the UK, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said additional precautions may be needed after July 19, when Covid-19 restrictions will end. New incidents in England and Scotland are on the rise and may be related to thousands of football fans gathering to watch the match at the Euro 2020 tournament.

Main development:

Global Tracker: Over 182 million cases.Vaccine Tracker with More than 3.94 million Deaths: Over 3 Billion Administrations J & J Launches First Teen Covid-19 Vaccine Study This Fall New York Risks No Window To Turn Hotel into Home Endanger millions of people

Biden sends the team to the Stem Delta spread (2:45 pm)

The Byden administration has sent a response team to an unvaccinated US pocket to combat the epidemic of the highly infectious Delta Covid-19 mutant.

Jeffrey Zients, President of President Joe Biden’s Covid-19 response coordinator, said US health officials would step up testing, provide treatment, and assign federal personnel as needed. Staff come from the Department of Health and Human Services, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Delta Variant of Eclipse Others, USA (2:05 pm NY)

Rochelle Walensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, emphasizes the importance of further expanding vaccination, as “epidemic” delta variants are likely to predominate in the United States. She said Delta accounts for nearly 50% of newly recorded infectious diseases in parts of the United States.

“The delta variant is projected to be the second most prevalent variant in the United States and is expected to outperform the alpha variant in the coming weeks,” Walensky said in a briefing.

About 1,000 US counties have immunization rates of less than 30%, mainly in the southeast and midwest, and the rate of illness is increasing in those places, she said. These areas are “our most vulnerable areas,” Warensky said.

German minister blows up English football crowd (1:05 ​​pm New York)

German officials have criticized the European football governing body for allowing a large crowd to participate in the European Championship match in Britain, calling the decision “absolutely irresponsible.”

Health officials say 1,991 Covid-positive people from Scotland have participated in one or more Euro2020 events since June 11 as the UK was hit by a delta variant. Wembley Stadium hosts the semi-finals and finals of the tournament.

Germany’s Interior Minister Horst Seehofer told Berlin that UEFA should move to “common sense policy” to limit the crowd.

Greece tightens rules on island travel (11:34 am NY)

Adults traveling from mainland Greece to many of the country’s islands present a Covid-19 vaccination certificate, negative PCR test performed 72 hours before travel, or negative rapid test within 48 hours, vice-citizen protection need to do it. Minister Nicos Hardarias said.

This requirement will come into effect on July 5, including foreign tourists. In Greece, the number of cases has increased slightly over the past week.

NYC Concert to Mark Comeback (11:30 am NY)

Mayor Bill de Blasio said Bruce Springsteen, Paul Simon and Jennifer Hudson will be one of the performers celebrating their return from the Covid 19 pandemic blockade at Central Park on August 21st.

The concert will be part of “Homecoming Week” aimed at marketing the city to tourists to revive the industry, which once welcomed more than 60 million visitors annually.

New UK case reaches five months high (11:00 am New York)

The UK recorded 27,989 new cases, the highest total for 5 months for the second consecutive day.

According to the Covid-19 Actuaries Response Group, hospitalizations in the UK are on the rise. The 7-day average tripled to 227 in mid-May, with a significant increase in almost all regions.

67% effective first DNA Covid vaccine (9:30 am New York)

Cadila Healthcare Ltd. of India is seeking approval from local drug regulators for a DNA-based vaccine against Covid-19 after Shot has proven effective in clinical trials.

According to an exchange submitted Thursday, the drug company has applied for an emergency use authorization for Shot. It tells the cells of the body to use DNA to produce proteins that provoke a protective reaction. According to Kadilla, a phase 3 study of more than 28,000 volunteers across 50 centers showed a 67% efficacy rate. This is Moderna Inc, which uses messenger RNA technology. And Pfizer-below the rate of shots from BioNTech.

Scotland has the largest increase in cases ever (9:10 am NY)

Scotland has reported the largest daily increase in cases since the onset of the pandemic. The delegated government of health-responsible countries has identified 4,234 new infections in the last 24 hours. This is the third daily record in four days.

The Scottish Government expects vaccination to break the link between infectious diseases and serious illnesses and plans to ease most of the remaining restrictions on exercise and social interaction in early August. Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon said yesterday.

Germany recommends mRNA as the second shot (8:54 am NY)

According to a statement, German vaccine authority STIKO recommended that those who received AstraZeneca as the first Covid-19 shot should take the mRNA shot as the second jab, regardless of age. Authorities cited a study showing that the immune response from a mixture of vaccine technologies was superior to the two shots of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Africa faces the worst pandemic week (7:38 am NY)

Due to the rapid increase in cases of coronavirus in Africa, the continent will soon face the worst week since the onset of the pandemic, and the more infectious delta mutants will become more widespread.

Approximately 202,000 cases of new illnesses were reported last week, and infectious diseases are doubling every three weeks, Matshidiso Moeti, director of the World Health Organization’s Africa region, said in an online briefing Thursday. More than 5.4 million cases have been reported on the continent, and 141,000 have died, she said.

Johnson warns about UK Covid rules (7:33 am NY)

Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson said some “additional precautions” may be needed, both after the date of July 19 and after saying that the country’s Covid regulation will end. Stated.

The prime minister said it is “impatient” to return to normal life, but does not preclude wearing masks in crowded public areas and maintaining regulations and guidance for people who keep certain distances.

Singapore Eyes More Easing (7:30 am New York)

Singapore will announce further relaxation of Covid-19 restrictions in mid-July as part of its strategy to restart the economy. This may include the resumption of the long-awaited leisure trip by the end of the year. I told the Strait Times.

As virus clusters within the community are controlled, Ong will increase the number of people allowed to eat together in restaurants from July 12, while exploring “other openings” in the newspaper. He said he was considering.

Malaysia tightens curb (New York 7:28 am)

Starting Saturday, Malaysia will impose strict mobility restrictions on dozens of districts in some of the richest states, Selangor and Kuala Lumpur, to curb the exacerbation of the coronavirus outbreak.

Defense Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob said Thursday’s statement that people staying in districts such as Petalin and Clan must stay home during the so-called strengthening movement regulation orders from July 3 to July 16. Said in. He said that only one person can leave the house at a time to buy what he needs.

Six fully vaccinated people died in Seychelles (7:14 am New York)

Six fully vaccinated people died in the world’s highest per capita vaccination in Seychelles. Five received the Indian version of the AstraZeneca vaccine, Covishield, and one received a Sinopharm shot, Jude Gedeon, an island public health commissioner, told reporters.

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US Dominating Delta; Focus on Soccer Crowds: Virus Updates

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