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File – In this February 9, 2019 file photo, a sign with the company logo stands outside the Tesla store at Cherry Creek Mall in Denver. U.S. vehicle safety regulators have rejected a petition to investigate Tesla’s software updates, saying it is unlikely to indicate that the probe has a safety flaw. On Monday, October 4, 2021, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration dismissed the 2019 motion. The allegation alleges that software updates over the Internet have reduced battery range in response to battery fires around the world. (AP Photo / David Zalubowski, file)

Detroit (AP) — US highway safety investigators want to know why Tesla didn’t submit recall documents when it updated its autopilot software to better identify parked emergency vehicles. I am.

In a letter to Tesla, the Department of Road Safety told electric car makers on Tuesday that vehicles must be recalled if updates on the Internet mitigate safety deficiencies.

“Manufacturers issuing wireless updates that mitigate deficiencies that pose an unreasonable risk to vehicle safety must submit timely recall notices accompanying NHTSA,” a letter to Tesla’s director, Eddie Gates. It is stated in. Field quality.

The agency has also ordered Tesla to provide information about “fully autonomous driving” software that has been tested on public roads with some owners.

Recent clashes are another sign of growing tensions between Tesla and the agencies that regulate partially automated driving systems.

In August, the agency began investigating Tesla’s autopilot after receiving multiple reports of a vehicle crashing into an emergency vehicle with a flashing warning light that stopped on the freeway.

The letter was posted on the NHTSA website early Wednesday. A message was left early Wednesday asking for comment from Tesla, which disbanded the media department.

NHTSA began a formal autopilot investigation in August after a series of collisions with parked emergency vehicles. The survey covers 765,000 vehicles, almost everything Tesla has sold in the United States since the launch of the 2014 model. Of the 12 crashes identified as part of the investigation, 17 were injured and one died.

According to the agency, Tesla made a software update over the Internet in late September aimed at improving the detection of emergency vehicle lights in dark places. Authorities say Tesla recognizes that federal law requires automakers to recall if a car or device is found to have a safety flaw.

The agency asked for information about Tesla’s “emergency light detection update” sent to a particular vehicle. It is intended to “detect flashing emergency vehicle lights in dark places and respond to driver alerts and changes in vehicle speed. Autopilot is taking place.”

The letter asks for a list of events that motivated the software update, the vehicle on which it was sent, and whether countermeasures span the entire Tesla fleet.

Also ask the company in Palo Alto, California if they intend to submit a recall document. “If not, please provide Tesla’s technical and / or legal basis for refusing to do so,” the agency asks.

Tesla must comply with the request by November 1, or face more than $ 114 million in lawsuits and civil fines, officials wrote.

US asks Tesla why they didn’t remember the autopilot driving system | WGN Radio 720

Source link US asks Tesla why they didn’t remember the autopilot driving system | WGN Radio 720

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