Ukrainian police seize cash, computer as part of Clop ransomware crew turmoil

Written by Jeff Stone

Ukrainian officials said Wednesday that they had taken steps against the Hacking costume that recently caused about $ 500 million in digital blackmail in a rare case of law enforcement interfering with ransomware scammers. ..

Six unnamed suspects have been accused of infecting US and South Korean organizations with Clop ransomware.Investigator Previously linked previous Clop activity TA505, financial hacking groups, and hackers in troublesome data breaches at Accellion Leverage access to IT vendors to pose a threat The number of its partners.

According to a statement on Wednesday Police conducted 21 investigations in the capital of Kiev, including the defendant’s house and car, and seized computer equipment and $ 5 million (about $ 184,000 in US dollars).Whether police were targeting Clop developers or their affiliates Joined a larger ransomware service I didn’t know right away. The six suspicious people are likely to have acted as a money laundering division for larger ransomware operations, threat intelligence company Intel 471 suggested.

Victims included Stanford University School of Medicine, the University of Maryland, the University of California, and many South Korean organizations not disclosed by Ukrainian authorities.

According to a police statement, hackers combined the use of Clop (alternatively stylized as Cl0p) with other hacking tools such as the malicious software Cobalt Strike and a remote management program called “Flawed Ammyy RAT.” Caused up to $ 500 million in damages.

If convicted, each defendant faces up to eight years in prison.

Law enforcement agencies in the United States and South Korea also supported the investigation.

For previous victims of Clop ransomware, Flagstar Bank based in Michigan, Cloud computing service Qualys And the grocery chain Kroger. This group is one of many responsible. Push up the demand for blackmail The past year.

Police action takes place in a recent comment from US authorities that ransomware represents a national security threat in line with global terrorism following a breach in. Meat producer JBS And Colonial pipeline, Oil and gas delivery companies.

Authorities also released a video of Ukrainian action on Wednesday.

Ukrainian police seize cash, computer as part of Clop ransomware crew turmoil

Source link Ukrainian police seize cash, computer as part of Clop ransomware crew turmoil

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