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Champaign — If you have a problematic business to solve, the University of Illinois will do the job for you.

The Gies College of Business invites dozens of businesses, start-ups and nonprofits to document issues for hundreds of business students to work on and solve for free.

Business students working in small teams will work on about 88 projects in the fall semester and dozens more in the spring semester, said Marissa Cielo, university corporate engagement and program manager.

According to Cielo, companies can present a variety of issues, including markets that have changed due to pandemics and the need to reach customers in new ways.

“Our students excel at data and technology issues, marketing, market valuation, financial modeling, and most importantly, general business issues,” she said.

According to Cielo, Geese students have worked on such projects before, but they are not in this volume.

According to Cielo, about 800 third-year business students will be attending a mandatory “Business in Action” course that is newly incorporated into the core curriculum.

The university, which launches what Cielo claims, is not only the largest experiential learning course in the United States, but also a great way for universities to serve communities and businesses in central Illinois.

“Practical learning is embedded in Gies DNA and we are proud to be a leader in this area,” said Andrew Allen, director of the Magelli Office of Experiential Learning, which manages Gies experiential learning.

The Business in Action course aims to help students learn to work as part of a team, develop strategies for solving complex problems, and prepare to share stories with recruiters.

This course also aims to prepare students to provide and respond to feedback and present their findings to clients.

Companies interested in participating are required to complete a project submission form on the Gies College of Business website.

UI students available to tackle local business issues | Universities-Illinois

Source link UI students available to tackle local business issues | Universities-Illinois

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