U.S. lawyers nationwide to quickly prioritize prosecution crimes on commercial flights

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Washington (AP) — Attorney General Merrick Garland nationwide to promptly prioritize prosecution of federal crimes in commercial flights as federal authorities face a historic number of investigations into passenger behavior Instructed a US lawyer.

Garland’s memo, issued Wednesday, emphasized that the Justice Department has promised to prosecute violent passengers who attack crew members and endanger the safety of other passengers. I am. Federal law prohibits assault, intimidation, and intimidation of crew members from interfering with them.

In a statement, Garland said such passengers would do more than harm their employees. “They interfere with the performance of important missions that help ensure safe air travel. Similarly, if a passenger commits violent acts against other passengers in a narrow area of ​​a commercial aircraft, that act It puts all the passengers at risk, “he said.

The memo also mentions that the Federal Aviation Administration has reported dozens of cases to the FBI. It may investigate some flight obstacles and fine confusing passengers as part of an “information sharing protocol” between the two agencies.

Earlier this month, the FAA said it had launched 950 surveys on passenger behavior on this year’s flights. This is the highest total since the agency started tracking in 1995. Over the five years from 2016 to 2020, the agency conducted an average of 136 surveys annually.

Authorities also said there could be criminal charges by referencing the FBI for 37 cases involving unruly airline passengers since the number of flight interruptions began to skyrocket in January.

“The unacceptable and destructive behavior we see is a serious safety threat to our flights, and we are working in a partnership with the Department of Justice to combat it,” said the FAA administrator. Steve Dixon said.

Airlines and their unions are pressing the federal government to promote criminal charges more aggressively. Airlines have reported more than 5,000 incidents involving unruly passengers this year, of which more than 3,600 involve people who refuse to wear face masks required by federal regulations. ..

“The Ministry of Justice will use its resources to play a role in preventing violence, intimidation, threats of violence, and other criminal acts that endanger the safety of commercial aircraft passengers, crew and flight attendants. We are working on it, “Garland said in a statement. ..

CWA, AFL-CIO and Sara Nelson, International Presidents of the Flight Attendants Association, also praised Garland’s announcement.

“To keep the trip safe and to protect the front-line people who have overcome all the stress of this pandemic, the results need to be quick and clear,” Nelson said in a statement. “We want to take people to New Orleans, Seattle, Fort Lauderdale or meet grandma. We don’t want to take them to jail. But the Justice Department cooperates by plane. If you refuse to act violently, you can clarify where you are heading. “

U.S. lawyers nationwide to quickly prioritize prosecution crimes on commercial flights

Source link U.S. lawyers nationwide to quickly prioritize prosecution crimes on commercial flights

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