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On the main stage of Astroworld, where Travis Scott was playing on Friday night, a rapidly growing crowd killed eight people and was filled with concert debris in the parking lot of the NRG Center in Houston on Monday, November 8, 2021. I did. (Houston Chronicle via Mark Mulligan / AP)

Naperville, Illinois (AP) —The family of two close friends on the outskirts of Chicago killed at the Astroworld concert in Houston this month litigated death against rapper Travis Scott, Live Nation’s entertainment company, and more. Woke up.

The proceedings filed by Jacob “Jake” Julineck (20) and Franco Patino (21) in the Naperville family with Scott behind the November 5 event, which killed 10 people and hundreds. It is part of a flood of dozens of proceedings against companies. A surge in the crowd pushed the concert attendees forward and was injured when many of them were crushed and trampled.

Like many other proceedings, this means that the company and Scott, the organizer of the concert that stood on stage when the deadly scene unfolded, did not even take the most basic safety measures. Blame

“The defendants have significantly neglected their obligations to protect the health, safety and life of those attending the concert. This is due to the failure to provide adequate security guards to implement crowd control measures, appropriate barricades. , And the failure to provide, but not limited to, a sufficient amount of emergency medical assistance, “the proceedings allege.

Both Patino and Julineck were college students, Patino at Dayton University, Ohio and Julinek at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. They were soccer teammates at Neuqua Valley High School in Naperville.

Like other victims’ loved ones, a partner at Chicago law firm Corboy & Demetrio, who filed a proceeding in the Harris County Courthouse in Houston this week, said the family was trying to understand that it didn’t make sense.

“Healthy and strong 20- or 21-year-olds go to concerts to have a good time, celebrating Jake’s 21st birthday,” says Coboy. Naperville Sun. “No one expects to go as happy and enjoyable as a concert and die there. When they pay these high prices for these concert tickets, they have to worry about such things. No one expects. “

Two Illinois Family Killed in Concert File Proceedings | Chicago News

Source link Two Illinois Family Killed in Concert File Proceedings | Chicago News

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