Try Rick Owens’ next collection, FOGA CHINE

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“Children, it’s going to be an exaggerated summer,” Rick Owens warns us during the fitting of his next collection.

Menswear maestro never avoided showing men’s skin bands. Whether your thighs, hips or midriffs are exposed, muscles, skin and bones are all fair games. Only now are the rest of the world finally catching up. Skort And Crop tops Of this week’s show at Paris Men’s Fashion Week. And that’s not too early.

Their short hem suggests a sunny and optimistic atmosphere, but in Owens’ hands, partial nudity can convey almost any tone he likes.With him Last menswear outingThe appearance of the white briefs under the floor-length puff coat hinted at the wrath of a fast-growing man under the surface. This time, Owens makes his work slightly vulnerable. Exposing seems to be the right choice. And lighter and softer Rick Owens is entering the luxurious era of the men’s collection “FOGA CHINE” in the spring and summer of 2022.

“I wanted white magic, stairways to heaven, and the Houses of the Holy. White satin hippies that practice hedonism softly and thoughtfully,” explains the designer. In an exclusive video previewing the behind-the-scenes fittings of the ‘s Not in Paris collection, Owens dresses longtime muse, model and collaborator Tyrone Dilancesman in a gorgeous white shirt and opens lightweight from a cropped bolero. It is topped with a nice jacket. Overcoat. Concealment is still an option. Owens himself wears a mesh, but wraps around the cape and wears black gloves up to his shoulders.

After all, designers don’t want to be normative. The world is your oyster this season. You need to express yourself in your favorite mode. “I think I’ll go with it any way you can tell your story. Live, digital, telepathy, live it,” he says.

Certainly some have been readjusted to the body, but tactile and hedonistic are the zones that Owens has mastered. This is seen in humans worn as a one-legged knit catsuit for fall 2020 menswear or as a ready-to-wear backpack for spring 2016. Wear. Here Owens shows the audience his process, exposing the underlying lines and seams.

“There is something delicious and special about making the first cut an elaborate white wedding cake,” Owens says of working with such delicate materials. “Cut into the complex layers of interlining is creamy and satisfying.”

Some of the season’s pieces, such as the Racerback’s Deep V-Tank, are approaching seemingly empty, leaving only a faint foundation. “My level of comfort with our tailored crew has allowed me to really taste the development of internal structural processes,” says Owens. “I wanted to show too much and celebrate its delicacy and sweets.”

In contrast to the more transparent clothing of the season, the unstable and hallucinating soundtrack of the preview favored by Taiwanese-American producer Mochipet must be white and delicate to mean purity and abstention. Reminds me that there isn’t.

When we leave for the exaggerated summer, Owens gives only one farewell advice: “Keep safe.”

Rick Owens’ entire Spring / Summer 2022 menswear collection will be livestreamed from Venice via CET on Thursday, June 24th at 12:30 pm.

Browse the selections from the Not In Paris Gift Shop below to see the rest of the releases Here..

Try Rick Owens’ next collection, FOGA CHINE

Source link Try Rick Owens’ next collection, FOGA CHINE

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