Trump and Pence coming to Illinois prior to the primary election

Just days before the Illinois primary, former President Donald Trump supported freshman U.S. Congressman Mary Miller, who supported a one-on-one Republican match against U.S. Congressman Rodney Davis in the fifth term. We will hold a downstate rally.

His visit came after former Vice President Mike Pence stopped in Chicago and Peoria on Monday.

Miller’s first term has been controversial as she formed an alliance with the far right of the Republican caucuses that helped her gain the support of the former president.

It has long been debated that Trump will stop in Illinois on behalf of Miller, but Trump and his campaign team have moved to make it happen at Adams County Fairgrounds outside Quincy at 7pm. I lent it to the event. June 25th.

Miller, who traveled to Trump’s Marago Resort in Florida for a fundraiser hosted for her in April, confirmed that she would be Trump’s “special guest” at the event.

Trump’s “Save America” ​​organization did not specifically mention the candidates in the announcement of the event on June 25th. Senator Darren Bailey, appointed Governor of the Republican Party in the preliminary elections on June 28, favors the former president to gain an edge over five rivals, including Mayor of Aurora Richard Arbin. I asked for it.

“I’m proud of my conservative record of working with Trump during his tenure, and I wouldn’t be ashamed of it,” Taylorville’s Davis said in a statement.

“I’m focused on winning this campaign, firing Nancy Pelosi, and re-implementing the success of many policies when Trump was president, such as wall construction, tax cuts, and American energy. For example, resuming self-sufficiency. “

Trump’s visit to Illinois has been all politics since the weekend of the final campaign, especially as the House Election Commission continues to hear about the role of the former president in the January 6, 2021 riots at the U.S. Capitol. May inhale target oxygen. The hearing focused on Trump’s potentially illegal inauguration attempt after top staff told him that the allegations of massive fraudulent voting for losing to Democrat Joe Biden were unfounded. I am.

Pence was also the center of these hearings. His visit to Illinois on Monday begins with a speech in Chicago about the economy, followed by a speech in Peoria to celebrate the local Lincoln Day dinner.

In Chicago, Pence said, according to his Advancing American Freedom group, “a progressive economic policy failure that led to record inflation, record gas prices, and record pessimism about the American economy.” Address to the university club.

“Pence is in contrast to the historic period of economic prosperity during the Vice Presidential era,” the group said.

Pence was the main focus of Thursday’s home hearing about January 6th. Dramatic photos show that he is trapped in a concrete parking lot. Prevent Pence from overseeing the number of election votes in the state.

There was also testimony about the pressure Trump put on Pence not to prove the voter vote, even after Trump was told that such a plan was not legal.

“Donald Trump wanted Mike Pence to do something the other vice president had never done before. The former president refused to vote and Trump was the winner. I was hoping to either declare it or send the vote back to the state and count it again, “said Congressman Benny. Thompson, D-Miss, Chair of the Panel.

“Mike Pence said’no’,” Thompson said. “He resisted the pressure. He knew it was illegal. He knew it was wrong.”

Pete Aguilar of D-Calif, a member of the committee, said: He remained true to his vow to keep the Constitution. “

Trump and Pence coming to Illinois prior to the primary election

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