Top 8 WordPress Social & Dating Themes for 2021

Nearly 49% of the population is currently single, meaning the dating industry is big bucks. Whether you’re looking to play matchmaker or you simply want to cash in on one of the most lucrative markets around, creating a dating platform isn’t an easy task. Thankfully, platforms like WordPress are simplifying to process with ready-made themes. These themes are built for user compatibility, creating beautiful websites in minutes. With so many users online, having a high-quality website can differentiate between a thriving community and a dead brand.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Theme

Features: Make sure you consider all the features you’d like your website to have before purchasing a WordPress theme. If you’re not sure, consider browsing a few dating websites or social platforms online and noting what you like or don’t like about the domain. This functionality can include memberships, chat, profiles, and design.

Memberships and Subscription Services: You’ll want to determine how memberships will work on the site, whether you’d like to offer a free subscription or if users are going to pay. If you’re offering a free service, consider adding premium features to the site that members can access for an additional fee.

Design of the Website: Are you looking for the main page that advertises your top profiles or a classy website that is minimalistic? Having an overall appearance in mind can help you establish how the design is going to look. Remember who your target audience is when considering the design. An older population is going to want something easy to navigate. A younger population may want to see other users before joining.

Here are the top eight WordPress themes you need to consider for your dating or social platform:


If you’re looking for a clean website, this WordPress dating theme may be precisely what you’re looking for. This theme is built for the dating community, with a smooth user interface, user-friendly navigation, and simplified user profiles. The developers believe in having a personalized website that matches virtually every social niche, from a social networking platform to a sugar daddy site. Website owners will be able to choose between five overall color schemes, complete with individual color customization options. You’ll also be able to implement paid membership options, with multiple subscription levels and categories available.


Designed to bring users together, this theme is the ultimate in connecting like-minded individuals. Users will find multiple ready-to-use demos, performance optimization, and complete mobile compatibility. This means your traffic will be able to access the site quickly and seamlessly, regardless of device. The Gwangi theme is also BuddyPress compatible, meaning website owners will harvest the power of web development without a developer’s degree. All purchases will include paid features access, advertising compatibility, paid subscriptions, and more. Users can also perform advanced searches, connect with other members through the websites, and find mutual friends online.

Love Hearts

Constructing a social or dating platform shouldn’t be difficult, which is why this theme wants to provide everything needed to get started. This platform is mainly compatible with other plugins, meaning you won’t have to sacrifice outside elements when creating your website. You’ll have access to user registration, post testimonials, search functionality, and more. You’ll also have access to hundreds of stock photos designed for dating and social websites – so you won’t have to worry about the site’s design.


Building your website shouldn’t be difficult, especially when using this premium WordPress theme. All necessary components to a high-quality website are included with your purchase, meaning you’ll spend more time working and less coding. Although not needed, this platform is compatible with other plugins, making it user-friendly for every industry. Using the customized page builder, users can create professional membership pages, custom profile fields, ratings and reviews, and much more. Users will also have real-time chat functionality too; right through the platform. Finally, those wanting paid memberships can integrate the WooCommerce functionality or use the DateBook Subscription functionality.

Online Romance

For website owners wanting to get online in minutes, this premium theme has everything you need to get started. You’ll receive free lifetime updates, complete with professional support when needed. Site functionality includes custom post options, gallery, quote, video and audio functionality. This platform is designed for any matchmaker, creating a professional website with their two-step download.

Dating Theme

Creating a personalized theme shouldn’t require hours of work, which is precisely why Dating Theme aims to provide everything you need to succeed. With an effortless setup and installation, this theme requires no additional plugins or products. All users will have access to customized pricing, chatroom, messenger functionality, a tiered membership system, proximity-based searching, and personalized profiles for members. As an all-in-one setup, this website is exactly what you need to get started.


As a versatile WordPress theme, KLEO doesn’t want to be tied to one specific niche. In fact, it’s the perfect theme for anyone wanting a community-based website without a custom-made platform. This elegant theme takes connections and interaction as the main focus, creating thriving online communities. All needed components are included in the theme, making it completely customizable and user-friendly. The responsive nature considers all device usage, while the advanced features allow unlimited sidebars and layouts.


As a multi-functional membership website, this WordPress theme is perfect for both social platforms and dating websites. You’ll be able to download the theme, complete with a comprehensive demo, for instant online access. Unlike other WordPress themes, Aardvark incorporates eCommerce options, blog functionality, and paid membership capacity into the theme. This theme includes both BuddyPress and WPBakery, simplifying your website development even further.

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