Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Digital Marketing Company

Come on Let’s be frank about it. As a business grows, its demand in the industry grows too. With a growing business, you will desire better engagement, increased customer satisfaction, and better conversions. A single person or a limited team who has already work pressure cannot manage all these things. So you need to accept the fact that partnering with an expert digital marketing company is the only solution left.

Moreover, if you are unaware of the new techniques and strategies or hesitate to apply them, hire digital marketers. The reason is their expertise to apply the strategies without any fail. However, before proceeding with this thought, make a list of some questions that you should ask the digital marketing company.

Why partnering with a digital marketing company is the right choice?

Every business comes up with unique challenges, and if any company can help you in overcoming them, it is not unfeasible to consider that company. Doesn’t it sound good, you got new leads, and now they are your customers? Well, everyone would love to streamline and speed up the growth of their online business. However, there are a few reasons why marketers struggle a lot while implementing digital marketing strategies. To certify you don’t struggle with any failure, ask the below-mentioned queries to the digital marketing company.

  1. Would you please brief me about your process that can help me meet my business marketing goals?

Anybody can share the right processes with you. It is easy to elaborate on the proper steps if your chosen company understands your business. It will help if you ask them about their approach to online marketing. An expert digital marketing company will share a sound system followed by every step explained in detail. You have the right to ask about the marketing strategies, in fact before hiring them. If the chosen company cannot describe those steps and tools that can boost online marketing, leave the thought of having them on board.

  1. Do you outsource digital marketing work?

You must ensure the company you choose does not outsource the work. Moreover, if they do so they should be transparent about it. A good digital marketing company never hides anything, rather it is fully transparent. Furthermore, if your company has an in-house team, it will be easy to ask queries and discuss your project goals and expectations with them.

  1. Which digital marketing strategies do they implement on their brand?

When you are hiring a digital marketing company, you can ask multiple questions regarding their marketing strategy and all. While asking this question, forget whether you have a business or not. You can ask them a few things like

  1. Will your business get a dedicated amount of time and point-of-contact?

You have the right to question the company regarding the point of contact and the dedicated amount of time they will offer you. Sometimes while contacting big-sized agencies, clients have to go through customer support which often leads to messing. You can move ahead with the companies that ensure you get assistance from the dedicated digital marketing manager who handles your marketing.

  1. With lots of projects, how will you be able to handle ours?

Asking about the project management tools they use and how they maintain transparency is essential. You will invest in a digital marketing company, so it must be your prime concern to figure out how they will be managing your work daily. They must be able to communicate with your in-house team in any situation. The company must be willing to speak to understand your business goals and your own choices. After understanding your business and customers fully they can map out the KPIs with your in-house team.

  1. Have you ever worked with a business like ours before?

Well, experts know how to manage and apply different digital marketing strategies. However, you can still ask them if they have done digital marketing for that business sector before. Having a little knowledge and experience in your industry will add benefits. You don’t have to invest your valuable time explaining your whole business. If the company of your choice hasn’t worked before in the same sector, double-check and discuss the steps they are thinking to take to take your business to the next level.

  1. Ask about the budget?

This is the main thing as you are going to hire a company and do marketing, it is foremost for you to have a look at the budget and other requirements. Don’t go blind! Understand in which campaigns they want you to invest money and discuss the results of those campaigns. You have the right to inquire about the ROI and deliverables. But, before asking them you should be clear with your expectations.

  1. How will you improve our website conversion rate?

When it comes to your investment, you should ask what the company will do for more inquiries and conversions. A web development team can be beneficial because they have insight into their work. Go for a digital marketing company with a web development team included. It can help you to maximize returns on a project that is sure worth exploring!

  1. What will my standard report contain?

A digital marketing company will clear it the first day that their standard metrics will be having CPC, CTR, ad positions, and conversion rates of different landing pages. Moreover, an expert company will serve you with easy-to-understand reports.


These are the mandatory questions that you must ask before hiring any company. Lastly, ensure that they understand your organizational goals better. Ensure you have a single point of contact; check previous and client reviews. You can also visit their website and analyze their work. You can get an idea about their image because they can maintain your brand only if they maintain theirs. So, these are some quick questions, ask the chosen company such questions and analyze their answers.


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