Tindo V LG Solar Panels

There are many solar panels available in the Australian market. Tindo and LG are some of the most popular brands in the market. Each solar panel has its features, advantages, and disadvantages. A buyer must review the most popular solar panels in the market before they buy.

LG is a well-known global brand in the electronics industry. While Tindo is an Australian solar panels manufacturer. Both companies provide premium-grade solar panels. They differ in the price of their products, warranty, and performance.

How do they measure up against each other? Here is a short LG and Tindo solar panel review of what you would expect if you buy their solar panels

Tier 1 Rating

LG solar panels are rated Tier 1. LG is a global and highly diversified company. They have been in the solar industry for over three decades. Thus they have had lots of time to develop, sell and improve their products.

In Australia, LG solar panels are among the top 5 most popular. They are also trusted by thousands of customers. As a result, LG solar panels are Tier 1 rated.

Tindo, on the other hand, is not Tier 1 rated. Tindo is a small solar panel manufacturing company based in Australia. With about a decade of experience producing and installing solar panels, they still have a long way to go before becoming Tier 1 rated.

As an Australian-based manufacturer of premium-grade solar panels, Tindo is a popular company. Even though it is a locally-based manufacturer, the price of its solar panels is a bit higher compared to that of LG solar panels.


Both Tindo and LG offer a warranty and guarantee on their range of solar panel products.

Tindo and LG offer their customers a 25-year performance warranty on all their products. Both companies assure you that the lifespan of their solar panels is 25 years. If you install either LG or Tindo solar panels, you can expect them to serve you for 25 years.

In addition to the performance warranty, both companies also offer a product warranty. Tindo offers a 12-year product warranty. This means that you can expect to get free repairs and efficient working on their solar for 12 years, which represents about half of their lifetime.

LG offers a 25-year product warranty on its solar panels. This means that LG promises a free re-installation for solar panels that don’t meet the provided product warranty over the lifetime of the panels.

From the warranties provided by both companies, the LG solar panel appears superior to the Tindo solar panels.

Cell Technology

Tindo uses the PERC technology to manufacture its solar panels. PERC technology enhances cell performance by improving the efficiency of solar panels. To enhance the efficiency of the solar panels under low light, Tindo solar panels use surface texturing and advanced glass.

Tindo also considers the aesthetics of their solar panels. Tindo enhances the appearance of their solar panels by the use of black cells and frames combined with thin wires.

LG uses the Back Contact Technology for its solar panel cells. This technology eliminates busbars and front electrodes from the panels. Consequently, LG solar panels can absorb more light and hence increase their power output. Without a junction box, the LG solar panels use micro inverters.

Without busbars on the top, the solar panels now appear sleek and more attractive with enhanced performance.

Suitability For Rooftop Solar

Tindo solar panels producers take pride in producing their panels in Australia. To them, this means that the solar panels they produce have the unique capability to withstand weather variables in Australia. Therefore, Tindo solar panels are perfect for rooftop solar.

Tindo solar panels are corrosion-resistant which means they can be installed in homes in the coastal regions of Australia. They are also attractive and thus enhance the appearance of your home.

LG solar panels are highly efficient compared to other solar panels. Therefore, fewer solar panels produce a large amount of power. Their high efficiency means that you do not have to fill your roof with solar panels. Making LG solar panels highly suitable for rooftop solar.

Besides using fewer solar panels, LG solar panels also enhance the visual appeal of your home with their attractive design.


Tindo solar panels are highly efficient. For every Tindo solar panel you install, you can expect to get at least 90% power output for the first ten years. This will then reduce to 80% by the time the panel gets to 25 years. Tindo solar panels have a power output range of between 320 and 380 W. The solar panels also have an annual degradation rate of 0.58%. Thus you can expect them to live out their given lifetime.

LG solar panels are rated the second most efficient solar panels in Australia. For every LG solar panel you install, you can expect to get between 95-98% power output over the first ten years. After that, and beyond 25 years, you can get a 90% power out.

LG solar panels also have a power output range between 350 and 380 W with an annual degradation rate of 0.3%. Thus, you can expect to use LG panels for longer and at higher efficiency rates than Tindo solar panels. LG solar panels last for up to 30 years with proper care and installation.

Service And Support

One of the most important features that buyers should look out for when purchasing solar panels is customer service and support. The most important thing to find out is whether the manufacturer has an office or official dealer in Australia.

For Tindo solar panels, you don’t have to worry about customer service and support. They allow potential customers to visit their factory and observe their production process. They are easily available to handle all customer complaints.

With their high popularity in Australia, LG has a local office for customer service and support. If you have a problem with your LG solar panels, you can easily call their office and have it resolved fast.

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