Three men accused of shooting undercover Rockford police officers

Rockford, Illinois (WTVO) —Three men allegedly fired at Rockford police officers and chased him by car were charged.

According to court documents, undercover agents were tracking down the 2013 Dodge Charger stolen in the areas of N. Court Street and Whitman Street around 6 pm Thursday.

Police officers reported that the charger made a U-turn and began to speed towards him. At that point, he reported that he heard a gunshot when the bullet hit his car.

Police officers reportedly drove South on Grant Avenue and the charger chased him with the occupants hanging from the passenger seat window and shooting.

In total, police said at least 19 rounds had been dismissed.

Cops lost control of the car at a dead end on Grant Avenue, but the charger ran away.

After a while, police were notified of three suspects running from a red charger in the 17th and 12th Avenue areas.

Officers later discovered the Christopher “Fat Man” stack, 21, at 900 blocks on 11th Avenue.

Jade Carter, 18, and Maurice Chichen, 19, were found on Broadway and in the 15th Avenue area.

Carter was charged with an attempted murder of a police officer and worsening discharge of firearms.

Chichen was charged with attempted murder of police officers, worsening firearm launches, and illegal possession of stolen vehicles.

Stucke was charged with attempted murder by police officers, attempted murder, and worsening firearm discharge.

All three were detained in Winnebago County Prison.

“Looking at the young age of the suspect, this shows that we need to work more with youth community partners to curb the violent behavior of young people,” Carla Redd said in a statement on Friday. I mentioned in.

Three men accused of shooting undercover Rockford police officers

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