Thousands of websites are unavailable after Akamai’s glitch

Cambridge (Massachusetts) [US], July 22 (ANI): Cloud service provider Akamai Technologies said it experienced extensive service interruptions as major websites and Internet services, including banking shipping and technology companies, faced a downturn on Thursday. It was.

Users of report issues with websites and services such as Amazon, PayTM, YouTube and other major companies and brands.

However, the Cambridge, Massachusetts-based company said it was “resuming normal operation” of its Edge DNS service about 30 minutes after the company reported the turmoil.

The company also said it continued to monitor the situation and confirmed that the turmoil was “not the result of a cyberattack on Akamai’s platform.” Video games, travel, web streaming services, banking and shipping are among the affected industries. A problem with cloud provider Akamai Technologies, which seems to have taken thousands of websites offline around the world, according to RT News.

In addition, banks and financial institutions such as game platforms Steam and PlayStation Network, travel services Expedia and Airbnb, shipping giants UPS and FedEx, Chase, Discover, Capital One, Fidelity and American Express have reported turmoil. did. Their web service.

This will be the second outage at Akamai after a content delivery network provider experienced a service outage on its hosting platform last month.

More details are awaited. (ANI)

Thousands of websites are unavailable after Akamai’s glitch

Source link Thousands of websites are unavailable after Akamai’s glitch

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