This third party library brings Android 12 Material You theme to any app

Material you The latest revision of Google’s design language. At Material You, Google emphasizes personalization. Android 12There is a new dynamic theme system that uses colors to change UX colors Extract from your wallpaper.. This dynamic theme system, codenamed “monet”, Published on Android 12 Beta 2However, the developer has not yet documented the API / implementation, provided a support library, or opened Google Play to publish an app targeting API level 31 (Android 12). The majority of apps support dynamic theme systems.

That doesn’t mean that number However, the developers are tinkering with the Android 12 theme system.Developer Popular automation app Tasker Using the official Android 12 API, he demonstrated support for dynamic themes in his app. Meanwhile, another developer, kdrag0n, Recreated the entire system Uses his own color extraction and palette generation algorithms. Kdrag0n shares the source code for his theme engine and works on the Jetpack Compose and Flutter library, so third-party apps built for older OS versions can implement his “monet” take.

Currently an XDA certified developer Quinny899 I created my own library based on kdrag0n’s custom “monet” implementation (that is, Absent Based on Google’s theme engine). Developers can integrate this MonetCompat library into their app to add support for dynamically theming the app’s UI based on the user’s wallpaper. This library works on devices running Android 5.0 or later (using the Palette API in compatibility mode) and Android 8.1 Oreo or later in normal mode. Due to platform API restrictions, the library cannot extract colors from live wallpapers prior to Android 8.1.

Quinny899 himself explains why developers use this library on the project’s GitHub page. “It’s also currently unclear whether Google will provide Monet with its own backward compatibility library in the release of Android 12, so this library may eventually be replaced by the official library. This project is unique for this project. No Google code is used, so it is licensed under the MIT license for use with third-party apps. “

Of course, the first app to use MonetCompat is Quinny899’s own DarQ app. DarQ is an app that allows you to switch Android forced dark mode settings for each app.It Originally used route access I have set the system properties, Has been updated To use ADB The shell script runs on the user’s PC and removes the root requirement. With DarQ 2.0, the app has been integrated so users no longer need to run ADB scripts from their PC. Drop.. Shizuku is an app and service that allows other apps to execute shell commands and access APIs with ADB shell user privileges. Think of it as a superuser management app for ADB shell access. Starting with Android 11, you can start the Shizuku service using the built-in wireless debugging feature, so you don’t need a PC at all to set up DarQ. With the move to Shizuku, DarQ now uses ProcessObserver instead of AccessibilityService. This will allow DarQ to detect when the app opens (and therefore when forced dark settings are applied) much faster.

If for some reason you don’t like the colors generated by MonetCompat for your DarQ app, you can tap “DarQ 2.0” three times to enable the developer options in your app. Here you can select “Monet Color Picker” to change the color used in the app.

DarQ 2.0 change log

  • DarQ 2.0 is a brand new design with Material You elements and Monet (wallpaper-based) colors.
  • The ADB script is gone and Shizuku handles the service on a non-root device instead. If you don’t know what Shizuku is, think of it as a superuser app for non-root devices. You can use the ADB service with any app that uses Shizuku by launching Shizuku via ADB on your computer (or Android 11 or later phone) once per launch.
  • The accessibility service has been replaced by ProcessObserver, which uses the Shizuku / Root service. It’s much faster than accessibility, so apps that previously opened too fast to support may work.
  • The sunrise / sunset auto-dark theme has been improved to work better on a variety of devices.
  • The Xposed module for apps that try to block the use of Force Dark has been improved and is no longer blocked.

DarQXDA forum thread ||| MonetCompat library on GitHub

This third party library brings Android 12 Material You theme to any app

Source link This third party library brings Android 12 Material You theme to any app

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