The US Olympic Men’s Hockey Team includes 15 college students

Matty Beniers called his parents to answer the group’s FaceTime request so they could get the big news.

Of course, that’s how he tells his loved ones to go to the Olympics.

The Veneers are one of the 15 college students on the men’s hockey roster at the US Olympics on Thursday, a significant increase from 2018 when NHL chose not to participate. All 25 players nominated for the team have passed the college ranks.

“This tells us how good college hockey is, not just in one league. It spans three or four different leagues,” said Seattle Kraken’s second-placed veneers in the 2021 draft. Says. “There are a lot of great players and college hockey is really good. I think it’s sometimes overlooked. I think it’s hard, big, fast, difficult and ready for the next level.”

Veneers, Michigan Teammate, Brendan Brisson, Choose 5th place Jake Sanderson in 2020 One of Senators Ottawa has found a college player on the US roster. It states that General Manager John Van Beesbrook is not intended for future training.

USA Hockey believed that by following the heavy college route, he would be able to win an Olympic medal for the first time since 2010. It wasn’t five years away from birth when the United States last won the Olympic gold medal in 1980.

“We are very fortunate to have some talented young players,” said Van Beesbrook. “This is here now. I have never thought about the distant future.”

The United States was much younger and distorted than four years when Troy Terry, Ryan Donato, Jordan Greenway and Will Bogen were the only college students on a team of most senior professionals playing in Europe. did. Donato leads the United States in goals, Terry assists, and Greenway is one of the top all-round performers in the tournament, and their contributions have now increased their confidence in relying on more college students. ..

“It removed that hesitation,” said Scott Young, who is now back as an assistant under the direction of David Quinn. “We weren’t afraid to be young. We weren’t afraid to be young and hungry.”

It is included on the net. A recent Michigan graduate Straussmann playing in the Swedish hockey league is expected to be a starter.

“He’s like the brick wall there,” said the Veneers. “He’s a small goalkeeper, but it’s fast and difficult to get to the top.”

Dreucomesso of Boston University has joined Strauss. Drew Comesso was the US goalkeeper at the World Junior Championships, which was canceled in four days.

Defensive Block Faber at Sanderson, Veneers and the University of Minnesota is an additional player from the World Juniors nominated for the team. Other college players include Nick Abruzzese and Sean Farrell of Harvard, Ben Myers and Matthew Nice of Minnesota, Nathan Smith of Minnesota, Noah Kates of Duluth of Minnesota, and Mark McLaughlin and Drew of Boston University. Heleson, Sam Hentz and Nick Perbics of St. Cloud State University.

“Not everyone is chosen to compete in the Olympics,” said Smith from Tampa, Florida, who leads the NCAA scorer. “Every kid dreams of playing at the Olympics, so it’s a kind of dream come true. It’s still a bit difficult to wrap your head around.”

Forward Brian O’Neill, Kenny Agostino, Andy Miele, Nick Shore, Defense Steven Kampfer, Aaron Ness and David Walsovsky are American players with NHL experience.

“We have great players everywhere, whether it’s the NHL or college hockey,” Sanderson said earlier this week. “I’m very excited to be able to play with them just by playing against them (many of them) in college. We just had to go there, do our best and expect the best. “

USA Hockey executives and coaches tournament, From February 9th to February 20th. The United States will face China on February 10.

“We feel we have enough power and enough men to balance it,” Young said. “I don’t want to go too far in either direction, but I feel we’ll be faster. I feel like I’m putting pressure on the team and being able to play really fast. I have a lot of skills in the game. Is a little big, strong, and rough, some people are big and strong. “

O’Neill is a returnee from the 2018 team who lost to the Czech Republic in the quarterfinals. Defense Brian Cooper, who plays in Sweden, and goalkeeper Pat Nagle, who belongs to the American Hockey League in Lehigh Valley, conclude the US roster.

“It’s like putting a band together. You don’t choose five lead singers when you put a band together,” Quinn said. “We were obviously a little more aware of being a little younger, but we wanted to choose the best team possible to compete for the gold medal. Looking at the available player pools, skill, speed, I thought that pace and tempo would be the strengths of the team. “

Creech for Czechs

David Creech, a longtime center of the Boston Bruins, is a former NHL forward Michael Florique, Thomas Hika, Vladimir Sobotka, Roman Chelvenka, Lucas Sedrac, Michal Repic, Defenseman Yakub Jerabek, Thomas Dundra Tech, Revol Schlag. Covers the Czech roster, including.

35-year-old Kreich has decided to skate with Bruins in 1,088 games over the last 15 NHL seasons and return to his home country to play in front of friends and family. He is one of the four players on the Czech Extraliga team, and twelve are Russian-based Kontinental Hockey League players.

The US Olympic Men’s Hockey Team includes 15 college students

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