The United States is currently lagging behind Canada, with other countries on COVID-19 vaccination

Although the deployment of the COVID-19 vaccine has begun successfully, the United States is not only below its own target when it comes to the number of people protected from COVID-19. When it comes to immunization rates, we are behind the rest of the world.

by New York Times Vaccination TrackerIn the United States, 56% of the population has been vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine at least once (three of which have an emergency use authorization approved in the United States). 48% of the population is fully vaccinated. However, compared to some other countries where vaccine deployment has been delayed, the United States is currently lagging behind, with respect to the number of people receiving at least one vaccination in other populous countries6. It is ranked 4th. With fully vaccinated residents.

The United Kingdom is completely ahead of the United States in both categories, with 69% receiving one shot and 53% fully vaccinated. In Spain, 62% have been vaccinated at least once and 50% have been fully vaccinated. In Canada, 70% of the population is vaccinated at least once and 49% is fully vaccinated. While the number of fully vaccinated populations is lower than that of the United States, Germany and Italy are also higher than the United States in terms of the proportion of the population that has been vaccinated at least once, and both are currently sitting. At 60%.

The population of the United States is significantly larger than all five, but when is the fact that the United States is starting to lag? The number of cases and deaths is starting to increase The restrictions have been relaxed again, and delta variants are swarming.While Maximum proportion of cases The overwhelming fear of another surge in the country among unvaccinated people has led to the return of some pandemic restrictions.

Canada (which also leads the vaccination rate in the G20 countries) has the potential to reopen its borders to US travelers after a 16-month closure at a new rate ahead of the United States. The BBC reports. However, this applies only to vaccinated US citizens and permanent residents and may be welcomed for non-essential trips by mid-August.

But if the United States lags behind and suffers from lower vaccination rates, so even if other countries open their borders, the surge will continue to grow and begin to rival that of the first virus in 2020. Citizens are also competing for their own borders, some other countries, which may be forced to fight their own restrictions.

The United States may not be as strict as a whole, but each state has its own government, so if the incident gets worse enough, some states, such as Newyork and California, are more wary of restrictions. Look at measures that are as restrictive as those that have sex Some countries in europeAP reports if access to restaurants, bars, shopping malls, public transport and other areas in France, Greece and other areas requires evidence of vaccination or recovery from COVID-19.

California has already lifted restrictions requiring everyone to use face masks indoors, including those who have been fully vaccinated, as cases are rising again in Los Angeles County.

If a company is forced to shut down due to an increase in cases and deaths, the surge can again impede economic growth and recovery.

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The United States is currently lagging behind Canada, with other countries on COVID-19 vaccination

Source link The United States is currently lagging behind Canada, with other countries on COVID-19 vaccination

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