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The Supreme Court is on the side of a high school football coach who prayed on the field after the match – Chicago Tribune

Washington — The Supreme Court upheld Monday that a high school football coach in Washington state knelt down after the match and tried to pray on the field. This is a decision that may strengthen the acceptance of religious practices in other public schools.

court Domination 6-3 For coaches who are dominated by conservative judges in court and whose liberals are against. The judge said the coach’s prayers were protected by the First Amendment.

“The Constitution and our highest tradition advise on mutual respect and tolerance, not censorship and oppression, on both religious and non-religious views,” Judge Neil Gorsuch wrote in the majority. ..

In this case, the judge will work to strike a balance between the religious and free speech rights of teachers and coaches and the student’s right to avoid feeling the pressure to participate in religious practices. I was forced to.

This decision is the latest in a series of Supreme Court decisions against religious plaintiffs. In another recent example, the court ruled this month that Religious Schools cannot be excluded from programs in which Maine provides tuition assistance for private education. This is a decision to facilitate access to the money of religious taxpayers.

On a dissenting Monday, Judge Sonia Sotomayor wrote that the coach’s decision “forces the state to engage with religion, further driving us on a dangerous path.” She was challenged by Judges Stephen Breyer and Elena Kagan.

The coach of the First Liberty Institute, a Christian legal group, and his lawyer were among those who supported the decision. Paul Clement, a lawyer who filed a proceeding on behalf of Joseph Kennedy, said in a statement that the decision would allow the director to “eventually return to his place. And pray quietly after the match. “

Kennedy himself said in a statement: All I’ve ever wanted was to go back to the field with everyone. Thank God for answering our prayers and supporting my family through this long battle. “

Christian Kennedy is a former football coach at Bremerton High School in Bremerton, Washington. He started coaching at school in 2008 and initially prayed alone at the 50 yard line at the end of the game. Students began to join him, and over time he began to tell short, moving stories with religious references. Kennedy did it for years and also guided the students in the changing room prayers. The school district knew what he was doing in 2015 and asked him to stop.

Kennedy stopped leading students to pray in the changing rooms and outdoors, but wanted to continue praying in the open air so that students could freely participate if they wished. Concerned that he would be accused of violating the student’s right to religious freedom, the school asked him to stop kneeling and praying while he was “on duty” as a coach after the match. The school took him on paid leave as he knelt down and continued to pray in the fields.

In a statement, an American Union lawyer for the Bremerton School District and its separation of church and state said the decision undermines the separation required by the Constitution. The school district “acted in accordance with the law to protect the religious freedom of all students and their families,” and in collaboration with lawyers, the school district “created a welcoming and comprehensive environment for all students.” “Maintain” said to confirm. Family and our staff. “

Three judges in court — Judges Breyer, Cagan, and Samuel Alito — attended public high schools, and the rest attended Catholic schools.

The case is Kennedy vs. Bremerton School District, 21-418.

The Supreme Court is on the side of a high school football coach who prayed on the field after the match – Chicago Tribune

Source link The Supreme Court is on the side of a high school football coach who prayed on the field after the match – Chicago Tribune

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