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Kirk Ferentz, Iowa City, Iowa (AP) is trying to maintain the foundation of the team after Iowa, the second-placed player since 1985, has reached the highest rank in the program.

Hawkeyes (6-0, 3-0 Big Ten) won the Pennsylvania State University Top 5 last week for 12 consecutive games, with Big Ten West on Saturday (3-2, 1-1).

“We are just in the middle,” Ferenc said. “I don’t know how many Kentucky Derby winners who were leading in halftime or the first match won.”

If there’s one team that should be able to stay focused on Hawkeye, it’s Purdue. Jeff Brohm’s boilermaker has won three of the last four meetings.

Boilermakers have defeated Iowa in pass games, averaging 292.8 yards in the last four battles.

“We sometimes helped us to some extent because we were more capable of throwing football than other big ten teams,” Broome said.

Ferenc said the boilermaker hurt his team with a deep ball.

Purdue’s longest completion with a 24-20 win last year was 22 yards, but in 2019, 82, 36 and 57 yards, the year before boilermakers hit the 54 and 42 yard passes. There was completion.

Iowa’s secondary leads the country in interception (16), takeout (20) and turnover margin (plus 15).

“If the team isn’t working well in all 11 positions of the attack and there is a weak link, they will find it,” Broome said. “They’re going to keep an eye on quarterbacks, break the ball and play, and they’ve done it against all the opponents they had.”


Iowa does not have a cornerback Riley Moss whose knee was injured in a passcut to Pennsylvania State University. Moss, who leads Hawkeye with four picks, does not require surgery and should be back in a few weeks, Ferenc said.

Terry Roberts moves to the location of Moss. Roberts has a pass cut and two pass breakups and is a major contributor to the special team.

Ringing bell

Purdue wide receiver David Bell achieved 318 yards and four touchdowns with a total of 26 catches in two matches against Iowa. Bell participates in the game second in the Big Ten, making 27 catches with 439 yards and three TDs.

“I don’t want to depress myself and see how many times he catches in two years, but that’s important,” Ferenc said. “But the real challenge is that they also have others. Their other receivers are good, they have a good size.”

Quarterback shuffle

Purdue has quarterback options, and Hawkeyes is preparing for all of them.

Junior quarterback Jack Plummer started the first four games and was subsequently replaced by Aidan O’Connell in the second half of his 13-9 defeat in Illinois. O’Connell faced Minnesota on October 2, throwing 357 yards and touching down 20-13.

O’Connell threw three touchdowns against Iowa last year. Plummer threw 327 yards and two touchdowns against Hawkeye in 2019.

A dual-threat quarterback, Austin Burton played in two games this season and completed all five passes.

“We all have quarterback rooms where we played and they all need to be ready to play,” Broome said. “Whatever we feel we have to do to win, we will.”

Campbell’s Streak

Iowa has been undefeated since linebacker Jack Campbell returned from illness after the third match last year. He leads the team and is fourth in the Big Ten with 55 tackles.

“I know it doesn’t hurt to put him in the lineup,” Ferenc said. “I don’t know if it’s a complete story, but it doesn’t hurt.”

Not facing 2

Padu is always 5-10 against the Associated Press poll ranked second. The Broome coach team played the second team in 2018 when the boilermaker confused Ohio State University 49-20.

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The second Western leader, Iowa, is looking to the Purdue University Visit Awards | WGN Radio 720

Source link The second Western leader, Iowa, is looking to the Purdue University Visit Awards | WGN Radio 720

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