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His son, John, not Superman-Clark Kent, will appear as bisexual in the next issue of “Superman: Son of Karuel” after kissing Jana Kamura. (Credit: DC)

(CNN)-Superman has done a lot since it first appeared in comics 80 years ago. He saved the world more than a few times. He died and came back to life.he Evasion punch from Muhammad Ali And even Confront white supremacists..

But until this year, all Superman cartoon iterations have been assigned to Lois Lane for many years of love. But in the next issue of the new “Superman” series, the Steel Man goes into a strange relationship.

In the fifth issue of the DC Comics series “Superman: Son of Karuel,” the new Superman Clark Kent and Lane’s child Jon Kent are bisexual after falling to male reporter Jon Kent. confirm. DC announced this week.

The “Superman: Son of Karuel” series continues as Kent becomes the new Superman on Earth and is working on the immense weight of his new gig. Nakamura, a writer wearing glasses with a pink mop of bubble gum, first appeared in the third issue of the series as a shoulder that Kent relied on when the business of being a superman was too rough.

But in the next issue, coming next month, Kent will fall into a journalist – he teeth According to DC, his father’s son-after he “burned out mentally and physically from trying to save everyone as much as possible.”

Details of the plot for this issue will be revealed in November, but in the comic image, Kent and Nakamura kiss, sit together on top of the building, and have their legs hanging from the edges.

Series writer Tom Taylor said the evolution of this new Superman maintains the values ​​that the character has always expressed. And importantly, it reflects the experience of many comic fans.

“The Superman symbol always represents hope, truth and justice,” Taylor said in a statement. “Today, that symbol represents something more. Today, more and more people can see themselves as the most powerful superheroes in the cartoon.”

In an interview in August NardistTaylor teased Kent, “You’ll find very good friends very early on … and they’ll play a big role in this.”

The friend, who was soon revealed, was Nakamura. He and Kent are up to date, but that’s not all. LGBTQ characters in the DC Universe – Earlier this year, character Tim Drake, one of the many Robins fighting with Batman, accepted a date from a male worshiper. And before Kent and Drake was Batwoman, also known as Kate Kane. Batwoman was punished for her relationship with another woman under the US military’s previous “don’t ask, don’t say” policy. Harley Quinn abandoned the Joker for his friend Poison Ivy in a recent comic run. And Victoria Octover, a transgender scientist who made his debut in the 2017 Batman series.

Glen Weldon of NPR, who writes books about Batman and writes regularly about comics, said that queuing characters like Robin and Superman is “progress”, but the characters that come out are heroes. Drake isn’t the only Robin in the DC Universe because it’s not a standard iteration, and John Kent’s father is always the most famous Superman-the development of the plot isn’t as important or genre-shifted as it looks, Weldon. I have written this week.

Still, according to Weldon, bisexual Superman and queer Robin are worth celebrating. They are not one-dimensional villains or side characters, but “heroes of their story.”

With the fifth issue of “Superman: Son of Karuel” released on November 9, fans can read more about Kent’s fast-growing romance.

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The new Superman will appear as bisexual in upcoming comics | Chicago News

Source link The new Superman will appear as bisexual in upcoming comics | Chicago News

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