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The January 6 panel states that Trump refused to accept the defeat, despite being repeatedly told he had lost the election – Chicago Tribune.

Washington — Donald Trump has been told the same thing over and over by his campaign team, data crunchers, and lawyers, investigators, and inner circle allies. There were no fraudulent votes that would upset the 2020 presidential election.

But eight weeks after losing to Joe Biden, the defeated Trump publicly, privately, and relentlessly pushes his false claims about a fraudulent 2020 election and overturns Biden’s victory. Strengthened the extraordinary plan. Trump beckoned thousands of his supporters to Washington on January 6, 2021, when everything else failed in his efforts to maintain power. There, a radical group led the deadly siege of the Capitol.

The scale and toxicity of the plan began to take shape in the opening house hearings investigating 1/6. When the panel resumed on Monday, it was early on that Trump and his advisers knew he had actually lost the election, but otherwise to disseminate false information to convince the masses. We will delve into the discovery that we have engaged in “massive efforts”.

Biden spoke in a statement on Friday in Los Angeles about the importance of the Commission’s investigation. “The January 6 riot was one of the darkest chapters in our history,” the president said, “a brutal attack on our democracy.”

The American “must understand what really happened and that the same forces that led on January 6th are still working today,” he said.

A House panel investigating a 1/6 attack on the Capitol will be prepared next week to reveal details and testimony about its assessment that Trump was familiar with his election defeat. With about 1,000 interviews and testimony from 140,000 documents in an annual survey, Trump was repeatedly told that he had no support for hidden ballots, fraudulent ballots, or his other quirky claims. explain. Nevertheless, Trump refused to accept the defeat, and his desperate attempt to stick to the president resulted in the most violent domestic attack on the Capitol in history.

“Over the months, Donald Trump overturned the presidential elections and oversaw and coordinated a sophisticated seven-part plan to prevent the transfer of presidential power,” Republican Rep. Liz Cheney heard Thursday night. I spoke at the meeting. “Trump’s intention was to remain president of the United States,” she said.

By Wednesday, the panel will hear testimony from the highest level of the Justice Department during the Trump era — former Justice Department Director Jeffrey Rosen, Richard Donohue, Stephen Engel, familiar with the situation and anonymity. Someone who admits and discusses their appearance.

Testimony from three former Justice Department officials confused the last few weeks of the administration when Trump publicly considered the idea of ​​replacing Rosen with a lower-ranked official, Jeffrey Clark. Expected to concentrate on the spread. Defend the president’s false allegations about fraudulent elections in court.

The situation came to mind at the one-hour conference at the White House on January 3, 2021, attended by Rosen, Donohue, Engel and Clark. Before his plan to replace Rosen. The president eventually ended Rosen in his administration as his attorney-at-law.

On Thursday, we witness Trump’s remarkable efforts to pressure Vice President Mike Pence to reject the January 6 election vote, a plan proposed by outside lawyer John Eastman at the White House. Turn to. During the riot, when the Vice President rejected Trump’s plan to overturn the 2020 election, the riot wandered around the Capitol hall, shouting “hang Mike Pence.”

“I hope the truth is revealed,” Ken Sicknick, whose brother, Brian Sicknick, a police officer in the Capitol, died of a stroke guarding the Capitol, told CNN on Friday.

He expressed countless condolences to his family after his brother’s death, while the Vice President said, “There are no tweets, notes, cards, cards, nothing” from Trump. “Because he knows he is the cause of everything.”

Hearings may not change Americans’ views on the Capitol attack, but the panel’s investigation is intended to stand as a public record and could lead to referrals for prosecution. I have. The Commission’s final report is intended to explain the most violent attacks on the Capitol since 1814, as Trump is considering the implementation of another White House.

Earlier Friday, Trump accused “witch hunting” on social media sites. Even if he fully admitted, he refused to accept the defeat.

“Many people told me about the outcome of both the pros and cons, but I never wavered a bit,” he said pushing his false allegations in the stolen elections. ..

Trump declared on January 6th that it “represented the greatest movement in our history.”

The month-long hearing began on Thursday’s golden time, the panel blamed Trump for the 1/6 riot head-on, and the assault was a “coup attempt” rather than voluntary, and the defeated president’s He said it was a direct result of his efforts. Overturn the 2020 elections.

In an unprecedented 12-minute video, a militant group leads a deadly siege and amazing testimony from Trump’s innermost circle, the Commission provided new details of dangerous democracy.

“January. 6 was the culmination of an attempted coup,” said Panel Chairman Benny Thompson, who timed during the hearing at the perfect time to reach as many Americans as possible. .. “Violence was not a coincidence.”

In a previously unseen video clip, the panel played a statement from former Attorney General Bill Barr. He testified to Trump that he told Trump that the allegations of fraudulent elections were “bullish.”

In another clip, former president’s daughter Ivanka Trump testified to the Commission that she respected Barr’s view that there were no fraudulent elections. “I accepted what he said.”

Others have shown that the keeper of the militant vows and the leaders of the proud boys are preparing to raid the Capitol to stand up for Trump. As Trump asked them, one after another the mobs told the committee that they had come to the Capitol.

In a disastrous testimony, US Capitol police officer Caroline Edwards told the panel that she shed the blood of others as the riots passed her and pushed her into the Capitol. She suffered a brain injury in close quarters.

“It was a genocide. It was a mess,” she said.

The riots injured more than 100 police officers, and many were beaten and shed blood. A crowd of protrump riots, some armed with pipes, bats, and bear sprays, rushed into the Capitol. At least nine people died during and after the riots, including a woman shot dead by police.

According to court documents, Proud Boys and Orskipers members were discussing the need to fight to keep Trump in power as early as November. Since then, leaders of both the group and some members have been charged with rare incitement to military-style attacks.

The Justice Department arrested and prosecuted more than 800 people for the violence of the day. This is the largest dragnet in its history.

Associated Press writers Mary Clare Jalonick, Farnoush Amir, Kevin Freking, Michael Balsamo, and Alanna Durkin Richer of Boston contributed to this report.

The January 6 panel states that Trump refused to accept the defeat, despite being repeatedly told he had lost the election – Chicago Tribune.

Source link The January 6 panel states that Trump refused to accept the defeat, despite being repeatedly told he had lost the election – Chicago Tribune.

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