The government says 18 bills have been passed “in an unpleasant way” by the UPA

New Delhi [India], August 12 (ANI): The government has not approved such a bill for the first time by opposition condemning the ruling BJP-led alliance over passing the bill “without debate” in the monsoon parliament. Stated. Eighteen bills were passed “in a hurry” between 2006 and 2014 during the parliamentary-led UPA government’s reign.

The government said Lok Sabha passed a bill to establish (revise) the Delhi Special Police in just three minutes in March 2006, and the House of Representatives passed government securities in August 2006 in 14 minutes.

In 2007, 11 bills were passed by “busy” parliament during the UPA rules, and some were passed within two minutes.

The government said the 2007 National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (amendment) bill was passed on March 16 in four minutes. Banking Regulation (Amendment) Bill, 2007 (March 16, 4 minutes). 2007 National Tax Trial (Amendment) Bill (March 19, 5 minutes). National Rural Employment Guarantee (Extension to Jammu and Kashmir) Bill, 2007 (March 19, 3 minutes). Tax Law (Amendment) Bill, 2007 (March 19, 2 minutes). The 2006 Constitution (Designated Caste) Order (Amendment) Bill (May 14, 4 minutes) and the 2006 Securities Contract (Regulation) Bill (May 14, 3 minutes).

Other bills passed “in a hurry” in 2007 include the 2007 National Institute of Technology bill (May 14, 2 minutes) and the 2006 Central Road Fund (revised) bill (May 16, 4 minutes). It will be. 2007 competition (amendment) bill (September 6, 4 minutes). 2007 Apprenticeship (Amendment) Bill (September 7, 1 minute).

In 2010, the Clinical Facility (Registration and Regulation) Bill 2010 was also passed “in a hurry”. It passed in 1 minute on May 3, 2010.

Other bills passed in a hurry include the 2010 Free Payment (Amendment) Bill (May 3, 3 minutes) and the 2010 Employee National Insurance (Amendment) Bill (May 3, 12 minutes). ..

The 2011 National Capital Region of Delhi (Special Provisions) bill was passed in two minutes on March 18, 2011.

Other bills passed “in the hustle and bustle” by the UPA government included the Andorra Plentioche (reorganization) bill 2014. Tobacco and other tobacco products (Advertising Ban and Commerce Regulation, Production, Supply and Distribution (Amendment) Bill 2007; All Indian Institute of Medical Sciences and Institute of Medical Education (Amendment) Bill, 2007; Scheduled Cast And Scheduled Tribal (Postal and Service Reservation) Bill, 2008; Street Vendor (Livelihood Protection and Street Bending Regulations) 2013; Information Technology (Amendment) Bill, 2006; Former Justice Minister Capil Cival in 2103 For “hurrying” to pass the constitutional amendment bill that apologized in Rajasaba.

The bill was introduced and entitled the 120th Constitutional Amendment Bill, but when passed, it should have been read as the 99th Constitutional Amendment Bill.

Several opposition parties have accused the government of passing the bill without discussion during the monsoon session. Both houses passed 20 bills during the session, but were shortened by two days in the face of ongoing opposition protests on various issues.

Both houses discussed and passed a constitutional amendment bill to allow the state to have a socially and educationally list of younger classes.

The two homes were postponed to Wednesday. The monsoon session, which began on July 19, was scheduled to end on August 13. (ANI)

The government says 18 bills have been passed “in an unpleasant way” by the UPA

Source link The government says 18 bills have been passed “in an unpleasant way” by the UPA

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