The first day of the training camp in the book


Spartanberg-Yes, the training camp is officially open. And because of what the Panthers are trying to achieve today, it was the first successful practice.

It’s a little hard to see a big concrete success at this point, as it’s still “soaring” in Matt Roll’s words.

“We could say we were in really good shape,” said Roule. “Everyone looked good. I’m moving around and I know what to do. I have a pad so I’m a less competitive team on the first and second days. Tomorrow is a little more. Really this week. We’ll be ramping up in the first week of the game, so when we hit the pad next week, we can go and don’t have to be in great shape to think about. Everyone’s credit, I think they’re in pretty good shape. “

That’s a long word, but it’s hard to keep track of individual position battles and bigger trends. Because they aren’t fully padded or playing real football.

So I don’t know who is the leader in the left tackle work competition, or where other such burning questions stand. But that’s still important. Because this is when things are installed and directed.

The first four days of practice are formally called the “acclimation period.” This is to give players the opportunity to stay in full contact next week.

Therefore, much of Wednesday’s work was individual drilling, technique work, and a 7 to 7 period. This is an opportunity for some great photography, if not a big conclusion.

-Veteran Defensive Harness, Daquan Jones stands out in the crowd. That’s partly because he wore white full-length tights, while everyone else wore shorts.

But even if Jones wasn’t dressed properly, he would have stood out. The Panthers brought in a former Titans run stopper to give gravity to the young line.

He’s a kind of detailed worker who acts as a role model, the one the coach points out and says, “Do it that way.”

Impressed by the shape and fitness of the team on the first day of camp practice, Robby Anderson says he added muscle to talk about playing and practicing with Sam Darnold this offseason.

-Quarterback Sam Darnold looked sharp enough, but many of the throws he made on Wednesday were short-to-intermediate, easy to see on the first and second throws.

There are doubts about what kind of leader he will be, but the point is that he doesn’t want to worry about it for now.

“He must be worried about playing quarterbacks now,” Rure said. “We have great leaders: Christian McCaffrey, Matt Paradis, DJ Moore, Robby Anderson, Dan Arnold, and a lot of veteran guys. When it comes to defense, Shaq Thompson, AJ Got Bouye, Daquan, Morgan Fox and the people who were there.

“What I’m really looking for in Sam right now is the first man in the building and the last man to leave. I definitely want him to grind and win the competition.”

-But if you’re looking for someone to stand out, Trenton Cannon has made some great grabs.

In one play in particular, he double-moved cornerback Donte Jackson to create space for a quick touchdown.

Although Canon is listed as a running back, he undertook all the work at the receiver throughout the spring. He has the top speed, so it’s worth seeing where he fits.

-Rule joked with the reporter after the practice and thanked him for scheduling the practice at 8:30 am instead of late on a hot day.

It wasn’t cool yet and reached the mid-1980s by the end of the practice. But to Spartanberg, the mid-1980s sound like a lively autumn day.

Coaches of the past practiced later in the day for some reason, and at some point it becomes more difficult to get a good job done. It will get hotter later in the week, but the morning is still very tolerable.

-The Panthers were a few players on Wednesday morning after adding two more players to the Reserve / COVID-19 list. Safety Rano Hill and tight-end Stephen Sullivan have been added to the list and joined the linebacker Frankie Rub, who was there yesterday.

Hill was already on the active / physically inoperable list because he recovered from an OTA leg injury.

They also put a rookie defensive tackle, Phil Hoskins, on the Active / PUP list with a foot injury. The 7th round pick can be active at any time.

The first day of the training camp in the book

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