The fear of “black sky” helps to raise interest in private wireless networks

Organizations, from utilities to government agencies, are considering building their own private wireless networks for a variety of reasons. You may want to keep your employees communicating in hard-to-reach places, or you may want to connect your machine to the Internet, which may remain isolated.

However, one of the major drivers behind some new private wireless deployments is concern about the catastrophic “Black Sky” event that wipes out all telecommunications networks.

“The key components of the private LTE network are integrated into the enhanced site, providing robust communication capabilities in the case of Black Sky scenarios that disrupt traditional communication methods.” I have written Dominion Energy Virginia is a utility provider that serves approximately 2.6 million customers in parts of Virginia and North Carolina through 6,700 miles of transmission lines and 58,000 miles of distribution lines.

Recent company Submit plan to FCC Test private wireless networks across parts of Virginia using Nokia LTE equipment and Anterix spectra.

“Dominion Energy Virginia … ensures voice and data needs to meet today’s requirements and future initiatives to ensure the transport of energy from a variety of sources to reach renewable energy goals. We are exploring the possibilities of a private LTE network with a 900MHz spectrum that supports the company. “The company pointed out and explained everything from employee communication to drone connectivity.

But it’s a security situation where you can seal a transaction.

“The Black Sky Hazard is a catastrophic event that seriously disrupts the normal functioning of critical infrastructure in multiple regions over a long period of time,” explained the Electrical Infrastructure Security Council. On that website.. The association has pointed out threats ranging from electromagnetic pulses (EMPs) caused by nuclear explosions in the upper atmosphere to cyber terrorism, earthquakes, hurricanes and other natural disasters.

Such concerns are definitely Russian hack It opened the Ukrainian power grid in 2015 Raid on the US Capitol By a mob instigated by President Trump this week.

“This private LTE network improves the reliability and security of the power grid,” said Bhavani Amirthalingam, top executive of utility giant Ameren. Told the emergency communication..Ameren too Recently announced We plan to partially test the private wireless LTE network in the spectrum of Anterix.

Of course, utilities and Anterix aren’t the only ones in the field. For example, the Port of Seattle plans to build a wireless network using Globalstar’s spectrum and Nokia’s equipment in part. Globalstar’s spectrum “provides partners with secure and reliable connections in any environment,” explained Globalstar’s Jay Monroe. At release..

Therefore, AT & T and Verizon also Recently fleshed Your own private wireless network sales plan.

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The fear of “black sky” helps to raise interest in private wireless networks

Source link The fear of “black sky” helps to raise interest in private wireless networks

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