The city pool is nearby because Chicago gets hot in the heat and lacks lifeguards

Chicago (CBS)- Public pools remain closed while Chicago is hot and humid in the heat.

As temperatures approach 100 degrees Celsius this week, Chicago’s public pools will be closed and will remain there for at least two more weeks.

Marissa Perlman of CBS2 went to the head of the park department to find out what was happening. She reports plans to move forward from Roscoe Village.

The sign says it all: there is no lifeguard. No access.

Tuesday is the first day of summer, but the pool in Chicago is not open. District directors said how many pools would open depend on the number of lifeguards they can quickly hire.

The only water you can find in the river pool at Lincoln Square is the fountain. The pool is empty and the guard chairs are empty.

Halle doesn’t want a pool to open in the city this summer.

“At this moment we chose as a city to put our resources in a place where there are no children.”

She is a parent, a teacher at the Chicago Public Schools, and an advocate for water safety. Without the pool, she’s worried that her kids wouldn’t have a safe and free outlet this summer.

“Because we depend on the park district, there is a kind of panic in parent groups and communities.”

The pool is set to open after an Independence Day holiday weekend, but it’s not yet clear if the district will be able to hire enough staff by then. Rosa Rosa Escalenho, director of Chicago Parks, said she needed at least 300 new employees. But is July 5 realistic?

“It’s realistic with a lifeguard,” she said.

This is the first summer of Escareño and has only been a leader in the division since October.

“This is bigger than all of us who had a pandemic once in 100 years and were doing something never before.”

This includes offering a $ 600 contract to everyone in the ranks and relaxing residence requirements, but nothing has been resolved yet.

“This lack of national lifeguards is some kind of code that people don’t want to do this job,” Kezada said.

Low wages, high responsibility, short gigs. And the district said it couldn’t compete with the current market.

“We were doing our best because we are competing with the private pool, which offers far more money,” Escalenho said.

It’s not all or zero. With enough guards, the director said he could open some pools by July 5th. The district offers alternatives to day camps, many of which currently lack a swimming element.

The director said this week he was talking about what he could do to open the pool and said it would never be too late.

The city pool is nearby because Chicago gets hot in the heat and lacks lifeguards

Source link The city pool is nearby because Chicago gets hot in the heat and lacks lifeguards

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