The acclaimed actor David Strathairn plays the hero of World War II at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater.Chicago news

David Strathairn as Jan Karski, a real World War II hero, in “Remember This: The Lesson of Jan Karski” presented at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater on November 3-14, 2021. (Teresa Castracane Photography)

Actor David Strathairn was nominated for an Academy Award in 2005 for playing legendary journalist Edward R. Mallow in the movie “Good Night & Good Luck.” From his early films with his college friend John Sayles (such as “The Return of the Secaus Seven” and “Eight Men Out”), Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln” and the 2020 Best Film Award. There was demand for decades until the award-winning movie. Nomads.

He is currently on stage at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater until November 11th, playing Jankarski, a Polish resistance fighter and diplomat during World War II.

WTTW News asked him about the portrayal of this real hero.

WTTW: Jan Karski lived a long time and died in 2000 at the age of 86. Which part of the play is recorded?

David Strathairn: It covers the extent of his life.Return to town [Lodz, Poland] The place where he was born and raised. It’s a chronological journey. The concept is that he is in the classroom as a teacher (Karski was a professor at Georgetown for 40 years). The conceit we developed is that it is a direct speech to the audience, as if they were in his class. It’s like a gestalt about his experience as a courier in the Polish underground state and how he came west to report what was happening.

What lessons can we learn from his life?

Why do we need to remember the past and remember his moral courage? There are many lessons that can be learned from his life. We touch on many of them to inspire many thoughts and debates.Timely When Timeless.

Despite his heroic efforts, he thought of himself as a failure. Is it fair to say?

It’s fair to say. Throughout his time as a courier, he considered himself a trivial little man who committed himself to this mission of being a loyal and credible courier for information to the government in exile. .. He had a sense of failure as he gained an audience with the FDR, the Supreme Court Judge, and England’s Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden.The fact that there was a difference with the very powerful people in the world who could make a difference No Made based on his information. Yes, he had a sense of failure.

How did the play develop?

It is part of the Global Performance and Politics Institute, founded by Derek Goldman, co-author and director of Georgetown University and founder of the institute. He is also responsible for the department there. Originally a work celebrating the 100th anniversary of Jan Karski’s birth, he did a one-time event with his students at school. I’ve been working with another co-author, Clark Young, for seven years. And it has been repeated many times. It began as an ensemble of both Georgetown and Warsaw students and the Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York, and was narrowed down to one.

Will this be a movie?

Just as Covid started shutting down everything, we did a film capture of the play last year. We sneaked under the wire and created a black-and-white film capture of the play. If you’re lucky, it could be released early next year.

Details of this story

“Remember This: The Lesson of Jan Karski”, written by Clark Young and Derek Goldman, directed by Derek Goldman, and originally created by Georgetown University’s Institute for Global Performance and Political Science. The Chicago Shakespeare Theater will announce “Remember This” at The Yard from November 3rd to 14th, 2021.

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The acclaimed actor David Strathairn plays the hero of World War II at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater.Chicago news

Source link The acclaimed actor David Strathairn plays the hero of World War II at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater.Chicago news

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