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Houston (AP) — Houston Texans general manager Nick Caserio will dismiss head coach David Curry on Friday due to disagreements about the future direction of the organization. Defended the decision.

The Texans announced the dismissal of Curry and attack coordinator Tim Kelly on Thursday night following the 4-13 season.

“Looking at the way we played, the effort, toughness, consistency, and competitiveness we played, much of it must have come from David,” said Caserio. “Philosophy, in the end, I sometimes take a slightly different view, which triggered yesterday’s decision.”

With Curry’s dismissal, the NFL’s blackhead coach is now the only Pittsburgh Steelers Mike Tomlin. Brian Flores was fired this week after leading the Miami Dolphins to a 9-8 record.

After spending 43 seasons as a college and NFL assistant, 66-year-old Curry eventually got his first head coach job.

Caserio refused to elaborate on the differences with Curry and emphasized that it was his decision to dismiss him.

“It’s about solving problems and finding solutions,” said Caserio. “We need to do a better job about it, and I need to do a better job about it. It’s not necessarily one particular thing. After all, the next step and we move forward. There were some differences in the way, but it wasn’t necessarily a rear-view mirror of what happened. “

Curry was hired on behalf of Bill O’Brien last January after working as an NFL assistant since 1994. He took over the team that played 4-12 in the 2020 season with Deshaun Watson in the quarterback.

“We are in a much better position and, frankly, I think it’s because of the leadership, guidance and direction that David Curry has provided to this football team,” said Caserio. “I have a lot of personal respect, gratitude and praise for what David did for this team. Forever, we for what he did for us. Thank him. “

Watson demanded a deal when Curry was hired, and before 22 women filed a proceeding against QB alleging sexual harassment and assault. These issues pushed Watson aside throughout the season, causing a reconstruction in Houston, and Curry took command of the depleted team.

Curry didn’t have much chance without Watson and had a roster where most of the few remaining high quality starters were traded or released as the season progressed.

A month after Curry joined the Texans, longtime star defensive end JJ Watt sought release from the team. Houston gave it to him and he signed Arizona Cardinals.

Texans owner Cal McNair thanked Curry for his work on Thursday and looked to the future.

“I’ve left Nick Caserio to lead the football performance and I’m sure he’ll find the best leader for our team,” McNair said in a statement. “These decisions are difficult, but Nick believed it was necessary for the future of our organization. Continue to roster and find the right coach to move us forward. I’m looking forward to it. “

The Texans finished last in the NFL with only 278.1 yards per game and finished 30th in the league with 16.5 points per game.

“It’s about production,” said Caserio about Kelly’s attack and firing. “Frankly, there are some areas where we have to do better. I have a lot of respect for Tim. I think Tim is a good coach, but that’s what we have to do to move forward in the organization. It was one thing I felt I had to do. “

Kelly has been with the Texans in various roles since 2014 and has been an aggressive coordinator since 2019.

Caserio and the Texans aim to replace Curry and Kelly. It is premature to know if there will be more coach staff changes, Caserio said, and many of these personnel decisions could be left to the next head coach.

Caserio said he had no plans to hire the next head coach and the organization was thorough and patient.

“The head coach position is probably the leadership position above all,” said Caserio. “My responsibility is to continue to provide support and infrastructure for the success of the entire organization.”

Texans not only hired a new head coach and offensive coordinator, but also found a solution to Watson’s situation and evaluated how he wanted to use what could be the third choice overall. Give my best.

“We have a lot to do,” said Caserio. “I feel like we have a really good foundation this year. When you move forward, our current situation is much better than it was last year.”


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Texans GM says disagreements led to Curry’s dismissal | WGN Radio 720

Source link Texans GM says disagreements led to Curry’s dismissal | WGN Radio 720

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