TerraMaster now offers 12-bay network storage servers for enterprises

TerraMaster recently launched TerraMaster U12-722-2224, a 12-bay rack-mount storage solution for enterprises. TerraMaster U12 provides tremendous scalability for cloud storage server solutions. TerraMaster created U12 to meet the needs of virtual enterprise solutions, highly focused data applications, and service continuity.

The TerraMaster U12 series is a great solution for business cloud servers, enabling multiple users to leverage storage to share documents efficiently and easily. Introducing the latest processor that supports up to quad-core Intel Xeon E-2224G processor with 3.5GHz and 3MB cache, 8GB DDR4 memory and can be upgraded up to 64GB. TerraMaster also provides a 4Gb network interface on the U12 rack mount server. TerraMaster U12 also offers two PCIe X16 Gen3 slots, giving users the option to upgrade to 10GBe NICs (2 SFP + ports) and RAID cards, and upgrade and configure both memory and CPU to meet all your needs. Provides a function to improve. necessary.

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TerraMaster U12 Series Servers can deliver up to 3000MB / s at 500000 IOPS. U12 also supports link aggregation for uninterrupted transmission of data. TerraMaster includes an enterprise version of TerraMaster TOS software that offers advanced security options and easy-to-use account management, with the ability to increase storage space efficiency and adjust security options for each user account. .. When something happens on the u12 server, an alert is sent to the manager so that you can always be notified of the server status. The TerraMaster U12 series also supports AE 256-bit encryption and various firewall options to keep your documents secure on the server.

TerraMaster’s TOS operating system offers a variety of professionally available applications, including file and mail servers, web-covered internet servers, VPN, DHCP, DNS, Rsync remote access, FTP, and MySQL server options. In addition, easy-to-use backup options give enterprises always access to their data, whether they’re using a Windows-based or Mac-based system.

Offering an Intel Xeon 2224G processor with 8GB of DDR4 memory, the TerraMaster U12-722-2224 has a suggested retail price of $ 3,499.

TerraMaster now offers 12-bay network storage servers for enterprises

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