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It’s not fair. We robbed.

The COVID-19 pandemic, which is causing a limited schedule, is cited as an excuse for the shameful incident of the NCAA Men’s Tennis Seed with Big Ten outdoor champion Illinois. .. , Monday night.

For clarity, the Gators live in Gainesville two hours away.

So this isn’t as unfair as the basketball assignment that Bruce Douglas lost to Kentucky at Rupp Arena in 1984 and ended his home court advantage forever at March Madness.

But that’s even worse in the sense that Illinois has won 19 games in a row (NINETEEN), beating the strong Michigan and Ohio teams two weeks ago. The team was clearly worth better when the original seed came out.

Please understand, this is not an argument that northern tennis stacks up in favor of the sunny southern team. Discounting tournaments canceled in 2020, the list of recent champions (Texas 2019, Wake Forest 2018, Virginia 2015, 2016, 2017, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 Year 2014 Southern Cal) is compelling.

However, Ohio has been a national competitor for years, and Backeyes is used to raise the issue here.

Feeling the heat Since half a century of Craig Tiley, who won the only NCAA tennis title in Illinois in 2003, Ohio State University has been a difficult hurdle for the challenging Illinois state of blood dancers.

The Birth of The Birth did not show any losses in playing the Big Ten Conference from 2006 to the shortened season of 2020, except in 2016, which tied Illinois and Minnesota with a 10-1 minutes. -Ups will end in 2009 and 2018, NCAA indoor titles will end in 2014 and 2019, and there will be 6 indoor runner-ups.

The Ohio State University is ranked in the Top 16 each year from 2005 to this year. In fact, it looked normal at first. The Birth of the Birth, along with Illinois and Michigan, was ranked in the Top 10 earlier this season by coach votes and other indicators.

“The top three teams weren’t as strong as this,” said the dancer. “And all three started from the top. Three weeks later, playing only conference games, we started to fall. Poll coaches were influenced by the ITA (College Tennis Governing Body) ranking. I think I received it. “

In addition to the fact that many other Big Ten players on the 12 teams are substandard, the fact that Iowa and Minnesota have announced they will quit sports has influenced pollsters. And Ohio State University, the subject of this segment, plummeted in polls despite the 15-1 Big Ten season, when Backeyes defeated Illinois early but lost to Michigan.

Ohio is good again because it picks up steam. Not as strong as the 2018 Backeyes NCAA runner-up team or the 2019 indoor champion. They hit No. 10 Wake Forest at 22-3 to prove its value and reached Orlando’s Sweet 16 again.

But what do you guess? Dancer Ilini flipped the Birth of the Birth in a big tent tournament, as in 2012 and 2015. In Lincoln, Nebraska, within minutes of the sixth consecutive Big Ten Men’s Golf Championship in Illinois in Carmel, Indiana. ..

The Men of Dancer needed every point to survive. Ohio won the 1st, 2nd and 3rd singles, while Illinois won the doubles points and the bottom 3 singles.

It’s a shame that fan restrictions have limited viewing of this exciting Irini victory.

And the Atkins Tennis Center would have been packed for the regional routes of De Paul (4-1) and Notre Dame (4-0). These victories have brought Illinois 23-3 in the NCAA region since the last season of Tylie in 2005.

Due to the veteran Ilini group record, the dancers did not make official complaints about NCAA pairing.

This is what I am doing. Seeding is important in these events, which simply doesn’t look fair.

“I understand why,” said the dancer. “But at this point, all 16 teams are clicking. Nothing is easy.

“We left early (Wednesday) to get used to the heat of Orlando. We were healthy and enough people appeared when we were under pressure. Our success was our success. It’s a proof of depth. “

After his 16 seasons, this is the dancer’s 11th sweet 16 team, and Ilini reached the elite eight in 2018.

The team will be led by three seniors on Monday: pro-bound Aleks Kovacevic is number one single, Oklahoma Zeke Clark is number four, and Frenchman Noe Khlif is number six. Alex Brown from Iowa is a sophomore in South Africa with a second single. 2nd place Siphosothando Montsi and 5th place freshman Hunter Heck.

Kobasevic and Heck knew the state and moved from New York and Minnesota to Florida, respectively, to complete their preparatory education. This week from Monday night we’ll see if it pays off.

Loren Tate writes for The News-Gazette.He can reach at

Tate | Seed aside, get ready for the Monday night showdown | Sports

Source link Tate | Seed aside, get ready for the Monday night showdown | Sports

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