Tarlock Florist Goodwill Project Backed by Country Singer

A Tarlock business owner recently helped spread the joy of this holiday season through his love for flowers and the screams of one of his favorite country music stars.

Keeping the trend she first started at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, Heidi Hearts Flowers’ Heidi Cisco lives in a skilled care facility and seniors’ home for community members this Christmas. It was decided to give people the opportunity to remind them that they weren’t, forgotten during this period of isolation. With a donation of just $ 20, customers can buy a “poinsettia gram” that will be delivered to seniors this week.

Sisco offered a similar opportunity earlier this year, but a beloved holiday plant for seniors who had to prepare a bouquet and keep a distance from their loved ones for COVID about a week ago. I decided it would be a perfect gift. The person who purchased the poinsettiagram can also include personalized notes, which can give the recipient some cheers and hope.

This effort was particularly meaningful to Cisco, as she lost both her grandparents to Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

“Knowing the sacrifices (my grandparents) have suffered and all the people who have taken to help them overcome them and become comfortable … that aspect of it makes a lot of sense to me,” Cisco said. Told. “Also, I just know they are lonely. I feel like I’m alone in my head, but I’m physically alone. They don’t interact with loved ones. No. They can’t see them … I really feel the pain and how difficult it is, and how devastating the COVID was in a skilled nursing facility. I can’t even imagine. “

Cisco accepted orders for poinsettiagrams from December 17th to 21st and was preparing to end the ordering period on Monday night when it received a life surprise. She had 26 orders for poinsettiagrams, which she thought was a great turnout, but was about to take hundreds more.

Country recording artist Kacey Musgraves captured the wind of Cisco’s efforts through social media, posted poinsettiagrams on his account, and called on millions of followers to support the project. Massgraves is a hugely successful star with six Grammy Awards, six Country Music Association Awards and three Country Music Awards, but she happens to be one of Cisco’s favorite singers.

In fact, when Cisco married his wife earlier this year, he walked down the aisle to the Massgraves song “Butterfly.” Needless to say, she was stunned to see the Massgraves post.

“I started screaming. I was surprised,” Cisco laughed. “I really respect Kacey, so it feels very special. She helped me to be more comfortable on my own … I live in horror for a long time. I feel like I was finally able to walk more honestly and frankly because I’ve been here, and this is what I’m doing, I’m just a good person, I love people, I love I’m trying to take advantage of things. ”It felt very positive. “

When Cisco gathered himself in the aftermath of Musgrave’s post, shared by Schitt’s Creek star Dan Levy, poinsettiagram orders began to flood. She decides to close the order when she receives the 500, after which she and a team of friends work to transport hundreds of poinsettia plants from the San Francisco Flower Market to Tarlock using a moving truck. have started.

By Wednesday night, Sisco and the company had delivered all 500 poinsettia grams to nine different facilities in Tarlock and Modesto. She could not see the recipient’s reaction due to the social distance protocol, but she was able to read the notes the customer provided to the flowers when she flowered each plant.

“Some of the messages were your classic” Happy Holidays “, while others really personally wanted to be a pen friend or a more meaningful note. It was really sweet. I was in tears when I read them, “said Cisco.

The nurses at hand to receive the flowers were also emotional, sharing with Sisco that their patients had been isolated since March and most were alone. They come through the window with their families and some people rarely leave the room.

Poinsettia gram pic2

By Wednesday night, Sisco and the company had delivered all 500 poinsettia grams to nine different facilities in Tarlock and Modesto.

“Employees went out to get the flowers and were very emotional and overwhelmed,” she said. “I know the people who work there are very exhausted and have given me a lot. It probably weighs on them because they have a relationship with them.”

The experience was rewarding, Sisco added, and the cry from Musgraves that allowed people from all over the United States to participate was like a Christmas present in itself. She wants to keep delivering different grams to the facility as the pandemic progresses. Valentine’s Day is the next target holiday.

Employees working at the facility that received the poinsettia contacted Cisco with gratitude. There are also people living in different states who say Gram makes a lot of sense to them because they also have families in skilled care facilities. The poinsettiagram project may have taken place locally, but the impact was felt nationwide.

“Knowing that their family can’t be there for them, reminds them that they are loved, that they are not forgotten, and that they are being taken care of. Thank you for being able to do it. “

Tarlock Florist Goodwill Project Backed by Country Singer

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