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Taiwanese investigators publish photos of train accidents killing dozens – NBC Chicago

A prosecutor who investigated the worst railroad disaster in Taiwan in the last 70 years appealed to the general public on Monday for a photo that may have been taken about a crash that killed at least 50 people last week.

Hualien County Prosecutor Yu Hsiu-tuan said people may have mistakenly gathered evidence in the photographs, especially for individuals observing the crash site from the construction site above.

Disaster last friday It was thought that the cause was that a construction truck stopped on a steep slope slipped down the railroad track in front of the express train toward the tunnel at about 130 km / h (81 mph). The train carried 494 passengers, of whom about 150 had tickets standing, but struck a truck, derailed as they entered the tunnel, and crushed many passengers in a broken coach.

The truck was being driven by construction site supervisor Lee Yi-Shan, who was detained on Sunday after being first released on bail. Lee, who appears to have been unable to brake the truck, apologized in tears on his way home, saying, “We will fully cooperate with and take responsibility for the authorities’ investigation.”

Lee Seung-yuop was previously convicted of falsifying documents related to construction work and was considered a flight risk. His property has also been frozen and will be detained for two months without external contact, fearing that he may collude with others or destroy evidence.

Investigators say the train driver took only 6.9 seconds to react to the trucks on the railroad tracks. Both the train driver and the assistant driver were killed, with most of the dead being the four cars before the eight-car train.

It is said that the sale of standing-only tickets along the railroad tracks that run along the narrow belt between the steep hillside and the Pacific Ocean and the lack of protective fences may be the cause of the disaster.

Transport Minister Lin Chia-lung offered to resign on Sunday, saying he would “take ultimate responsibility.” Prime Minister Su Tseng-chang has told him to stay for the time being, and Lin Chia-lung and his colleagues will report to Congress on Wednesday. disaster.

Lin also served as Minister during the last major railroad accident in Taiwan in October 2018. An express train derailed at high speed around a narrow corner of the northeast coast, killing at least 18 people and injuring nearly 200.

Shipwrecks in 1981 and 1991 also killed 30 and 31 people. The worst railroad disaster in Taiwan was in 1948, when a train ignited in the suburbs of Taipei, killing 64 people.

The main opposition nationalist party on Monday said the ruling Democratic Progressive Party did not follow the promised security gains after the 2018 crash and called on both Lin and Sue to resign.

President Tsai Ing-wen, who visited the hospital near the crash, promised a thorough investigation, and Hayashi promised to accelerate the improvement of safety. According to Cheong Wa Dae spokesman Xavier Chan, Tsai, Sue, and Vice President Lai Ching-te all promised to donate a month’s salary to support the victims and their families.

The most recent disaster occurred on the first day of the annual four-day Qingming Festival. Families often return to their hometowns and pay homage to the elders’ graveyards. It was also an opportunity to take a vacation, and many of the passengers were families with children.

Taiwan is a mountainous island, with most of its 24 million people living on the island’s farmlands, the largest cities, and the flatlands of the north and west coasts, home to most of the high-tech industry. The eastern part of the country, where the crash occurred, is a popular tourist destination, and the railroad is known for its beautiful natural scenery.

The death toll varied as many bodies were shattered by the force of impact, complicating identification efforts. Authorities say that dragging the most damaged car out of the wedged tunnel could result in more bodies or parts of the body being found. At least 198 people were injured.

Religious leaders and volunteer groups, along with rescuers and medical personnel, have been on the scene since Friday to bring comfort and assistance.

Various 24-hour news channels in Taiwan and other independent news outlets talk about graduating music students and their only son who was planning to take his widow’s father to Taipei for treatment. , The story of the victim is constantly being told. At the end of the holiday.

Taiwanese investigators publish photos of train accidents killing dozens – NBC Chicago

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