T-Mobile’s network test drive is equipped with 5G on iPhone’s eSIM

T-Mobile has emerged as an attractive option in the United States. This is recently “The iPhone gets 5G, but what will it look like in actual use?(November 19, 2020).

The challenge for the carrier is to pull users away from the mobile giants AT & T and Verizon, each of which had a larger market share until recently. The merger of T-Mobile and Sprint leveled the competition last year.

To that end, T-Mobile has been proactive in offering free “test drives.” In 2014, I was able to try the iPhone 5S for free. This was not a press perk. Anyone can rent it. In recent years, T-Mobile has sent potential customers Wi-Fi hotspots with free 5G services. Potential customers are free to give the device to others for a test drive.

With a twist on the latest test drive, T-Mobile will allow users to temporarily use the service for free on recent models of iPhone (iPhone XS, XS Max, XR and above) via the eSIM feature. Proposed.

eSIM is a completely digital version of a physical SIM card. Modern iPhones usually have slots for physical SIMs, along with eSIM support. This means that the iPhone can coordinate services from two carriers. Apple calls this: Dual SIM ability.

It’s this dual SIM scenario that T-Mobile is cleverly using to test its coverage and speed.

T-Mobile Network test drive program For iPhone We will provide a test drive app that will guide you immediately Steps to activate the service On iPhone without purging or affecting primary services. It provides unlimited voice and text with an assigned phone number, in addition to 30 days or 30GB of 5G data service, whichever comes first.

Setup: Easy!

To qualify for a network test drive, you need to unlock your iPhone and (obviously) deactivate the eSIM feature. After downloading Test drive The app will check if this is the case before continuing.

After that, the installation will proceed quickly and no billing information will be required. This app will guide you through just a few steps to set up T-Mobile designated as “Secondary” along with your iPhone’s primary carrier.

Some setup options may seem confusing, but I think T-Mobile is making a wise choice here. We recommend that you specify the T-Mobile secondary line as the default for mobile data, but leave the primary carrier as the default for outgoing calls, text messages, iMessage, and FaceTime calls. That way, when you call or send a message to someone, they will call you from a regular number instead of the temporary T-Mobile number assigned to your eSIM. However, for cellular data, the calling number is irrelevant. That’s what I want to test on the T-Mobile network anyway.

However, don’t worry too much about the defaults, as you can continue to tweak the cellular settings after the network test drive installation is complete.

I’ve never had two cellular plans co-exist on the iPhone. So it was new to me to see two signal strength bars in the upper left corner of the control center.

Dual SIM signal bar

You can access both accounts and configure them elsewhere on your phone. In the phone app, you can select the line to use for making calls. It’s a good idea to call a friend (warn before the new number) to evaluate the voice quality.

Dial outline selection

[設定]Dive into and you’ll find a set of options to help you get the most out of your test drive. You can do it:

  • Temporarily disable your primary carrier to immerse yourself in T-Mobile’s services. [設定]>[セルラー]Go to, tap the primary plan, and tap the toggle at the top to turn off the line.
  • Turn on Wi-Fi calling. T-Mobile supports this feature, but it is disabled by default.[設定]>[セルラー]Go to and tap T-Mobile’s Cellular Plan to[Wi-Fi通話]Look for options.
  • Allow switching of cellular data: If you activate both lines, this option allows you to use both cellular data on your phone, depending on coverage and availability.Toggle[設定]>[セルラー]>[セルラーデータ]It is in.
  • Specifies the default voice line. [設定]>[セルラー]Look for this setting in.
  • Use personal hotspots: The primary plan may support this feature, and it also supports T-Mobile during network test drives. The existing hotspot settings (including password) remain the same. I’m just using data from another carrier.

Dual SIM settings

After configuring all the settings, run a speed test to see how T-Mobile’s data service works in your area. Try Ookla’s popular ones on your iPhone or iPad Speed ​​test Search for “speed test” in the app or google and try Google interactive speed test..

Running speed test

Rise of eSIM?

T-Mobile’s Network Test Drive is an ingenious marketing strategy that exposes potential customers to the company’s 5G services almost instantly.

T-Mobile is renowned for its “middle band” service, a by-product of the Sprint merger, that balances coverage and speed. It’s not as fast as the high-band services offered by all three US carriers, but it’s only available in every corner of a particular city. The footprint of middle band services is relatively large. This gives T-Mobile an advantage — it’s fleeting as its rivals soar the spectrum to compete — and it’s pushing it.

This resonates with me. If you’re considering switching to T-Mobile, a quick install of the test drive app and a few minutes of setup will give you over 100 Mbps download speeds (and in some cases over 200 Mbps) at your St. Paul’s home. I understand this. , Or more than double what you get with ComcastXfinity wired broadband services. Upload speeds can vary greatly, but are often much faster than the very slow single digit Comcast uploads.

T-Mobile’s test drive goes beyond the company’s market aspirations, especially when there are concerns about using eSIM. This seems like a clear call to other carriers to provide a similar test drive for those using iPhones and certain Android phones. Supports one or more eSIMs..

As T-Mobile NoteIn marketing, that’s still true. “Almost 90% of people want to try wireless networks before they buy. Still, wireless is one of the only industries in the world that customers are forced to buy before they try. is.”

Understanding what you can do with eSIM can make it more popular for other uses.Apple list Some of these:

  • Use one number for your business and another for your personal calls.
  • If you are traveling outside the country or region, add a local data plan.
  • Separate your voice plan and data plan.

If eSIM will use Spike in the next few years, we may be grateful to T-Mobile. It is sold by using eSIM as a way to test drive a wireless network.

T-Mobile’s network test drive is equipped with 5G on iPhone’s eSIM

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