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File-Students wearing protective masks arrive at the primary school Etablissement Primaire de l’ecol evadoise in Morges, Switzerland, on May 11, 2020. Classroom lessons in elementary and junior high school will be re-authorized. In Switzerland, the number of cases of coronavirus is increasing rapidly. But the federal government isn’t responding with new blockades. Experts say it’s because the government’s anti-COVID policy faces serious challenges in ballot boxes. On Sunday, November 28, 2021, Swiss voters will vote for the “COVID-19 Act”, which unlocks CHF billions to help workers and businesses hit by a pandemic. (Laurent Gillieron / Keystone via AP, file)

Berlin (AP) — Swiss voters use a special COVID-19 certificate to allow only those who have been vaccinated, recovered, or tested negative in a Sunday referendum to attend public events and rallies. He expressed his opinion on the law that imposed.

This vote provides a relatively rare bell of public opinion on the issue of government policy to fight the coronavirus in Europe, which is now the global epicenter of the pandemic.

A vote for the “COVID-19 Act” of a country that has unlocked billions of Swiss francs to help workers and businesses hit by a pandemic is Corona, as Switzerland is in many other European countries. This is because they are facing a surge in virus cases.

The Swiss federal government, unlike other governments, does not comply with the new restrictions. Analysts say they don’t want to stir up more opposition to its anti-COVID-19 policy before they face Sunday’s test in the ballot box. But if the Swiss vote in favor, the government could step up its anti-COVID efforts.

According to polls, the majority of Switzerland will approve the bill, which has already been implemented and will end restrictions and payments if rejected. However, in recent weeks, opponents have raised large amounts of cash for the campaign and have gained foreign support.

On Tuesday, Swiss health officials said that vaccination rates would rise in rich Alpine countries, where vaccination rates are about two-thirds of the population, about the same as vaccination rates in neighboring Austria and Germany, which were hit. I warned about the “fifth wave”. Infection rates have skyrocketed in recent weeks.

The average number of cases in Switzerland for seven days exceeded 5,200 per day from mid-October to mid-November, more than five-fold, and is on the rise as in neighboring Germany and Austria.


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Switzerland votes for COVID law as infectious diseases surge | WGN Radio 720

Source link Switzerland votes for COVID law as infectious diseases surge | WGN Radio 720

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