Steven Graves Embedded: Chicago’s Inglewood District

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Preservation Chicago wants the city to do more to protect historic buildings from fire


Chicago (CBS)- The wall is still knocked down at the old Antioch Baptist Church in Inglewood After the fire last monthHowever, that does not mean that the battle to maintain that heritage is declining.

Steven Graves of CBS2 shows that the work being done preserves the heritage and protects other historic buildings.

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9:27 am / May 10, 2010

When Whole Foods closes, Inglewood’s organization will provide produce to the community



Chicago (CBS) -The mission of a district in Chicago is to ensure that no one is hungry.

Grassroots organizations have been strengthened with recent news that a large grocery store is leaving.

Steven Graves of CBS2 shows how to do that.

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8:52 am / May 9, 2010

CPS high school students participate in a food truck-style cooking contest as part of a year-end showcase


Chicago (CBS)- Please order! Some high school students in Chicago are showing off their cooking skills, or competitive style.

You have a taste test and a great right to brag about it. But, as Steven Graves of CBS2 shows, it’s about a valuable lesson they’ve learned.

The name of the game here is “Food Truck Wars”. There are many great ideas and only one winner. But before you get to that, you have to taste everything, right?

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1:01 PM / 20 May 5, 2010

The new Inglewood grocery store aims to be a “light beacon” for the community

(Credit: CBS)

Chicago (CBS)- Inglewood’s new business is rethinking how simple grocery stores can connect neighborhoods, promote health and wellness, and provide many of the resources they need.

Steven Graves of CBS2 will take us to a peek before the grand opening next week.

Alia Bilal belongs to the Inner-City Muslim Action Network or IMAN. One of several organizations that is part of the Go Green onRacine Initiative. This is an effort to build a corridor on 63rd Avenue.

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10:59 am / May 5, 2022

“Very strong power and passion”: How Inglewood nonprofits are raising money to strengthen their neighborhood programs



Chicago (CBS)- The COVID-19 pandemic reveals that many communities are still struggling.

A district in Chicago is receiving a great deal of support through a new partnership. Steven Graves of CBS2 explains.

Cecile De Mello has a long job of leading nonprofits Teamwork Inglewood For love for her house and three young children.

“Today, if I do a good job, I will be one step closer and a community where I can raise my family safely.”

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10:55 am / May 5, 2022

After the fire of the Antioch missionary Baptist church, former parishioners remember their important parish



Chicago (CBS)- The blown windows and mountains of ashes are a devastating sight for those who best remember the Antioch Baptist Church.



These images caught the eye of a family living 1,500 miles away from Chicago over a decade ago. Steven Graves of CBS2 reports from Englewood, where the church burned on Friday.

The location of the church means everything to hundreds of families as the ashes settle and prayers rise. Memories shared by members all over the country.

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10:49 am / May 5, 2022

“This is my Inglewood” mural set drives change and pride in the Southside community



Chicago (CBS)- A larger street mural with a message hijacks a neighborhood street on the South Side of Chicago.

Steven Graves of CBS2 tells us why it’s more than just art.

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10:44 am / May 5, 2010

Whole Foods closes Inglewood grocery store six years later

Whole Foods has announced that it will close a store near Inglewood.


Chicago (CBS)- Whole Foods will close its Inglewood store six years after opening a grocery store in what was once a food desert on the South Side.

A Whole Foods spokesperson has confirmed that the company will close six of its more than 530 locations nationwide. This includes the location of Inglewood at 832 W. 63rd St. and 959 W.-former Dominique at Lincoln Park. Other stores that are closed are located in Montgomery, Alabama. Mobile, Alabama; Tarzana, CA; Brookline, Massachusetts.

“As we continue to position Whole Foods Market for long-term success, we regularly assess the performance and growth potential of each store and make the difficult decision to close six stores. We support affected team members. A Whole Foods spokeswoman said in a statement that we expect all interested and qualified team members to find positions elsewhere. ” rice field.

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10:39 am / May 5, 2022

Inglewood coffee shops say the community is thriving, even though Whole Foods is closed

69th and Green-kun and Cafe


Chicago (CBS)- It was news that no one wanted to hear. Whole Foods has closed on the South Side.

Now, local business owners want people to know that the community is still motivated to thrive. Steven Graves of CBS2 tells us how a coffee shop owner does that.

This is not the typical store you can imagine in Chicago’s Inglewood district.

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1:53 PM / 20 May 5, 2010

Stephen Graves


Steven Graves is a multimedia reporter for CBS2 Chicago. He joined the team in September 2019.

A Maryland native came to Chicago after working as a fill-in anchor and MMJ at WVEC in Norfolk, Virginia for three years. There he shot, wrote and edited a number of exclusive stories.

Some of his most memorable experiences include court reports and attention-grabbing trial tracking. He also boarded a Navy aircraft carrier and carried a crew member to carry out historic missions. Stephen was the lead reporter for national articles such as the Governor of Virginia’s Blackface Scandal and the historic hurricane damage in the Outer Banks, North Carolina.

His storytelling at the station eventually won him a regional Emmy nomination.

Stephen began journalism as a fill-in anchor and MMJ at KVII in Amarillo, Texas. He first developed a passion for the press after working at his hometown cable station, PG-CTV.

He loves journalism. Because he has the opportunity to defend people who may not normally be able to speak every day. He also loves to see his work come together and tell a great story by filming a video.

Don’t be surprised to see him taking pictures in the loop. And yes, he’s much taller than he appears on TV!

Steven Graves Embedded: Chicago’s Inglewood District

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