Stettle Gallery is the latest addition to the New York art scene

The days when the New York art scene was concentrated solely in Manhattan are over. A good example: This month, an exciting new fine art gallery centered around Hasidic artists and identities opened in Williamsburg’s Jewish Satmar community.Stettle Gallery named after Yiddish Means a close communityPremiered on June 15th. The new show will highlight several Hasidic artists around the world and explore the hierarchical themes surrounding modern Hasidic life and theology.

Zalmen Glauber, artist and founder of the Stettle Gallery, said:Through the new space and the art exhibited there, he challenges the general perception of his community as an isolated, ultra-conservative group that freezes over time. For each art website Hyperallergenic..Vision Hasidism The lives on display are more progressive and inclusive than the simple perceptions of the community usually allow. Included by female artists, Glauber can even showcase “non-Jewish” works that address important issues for the community. ..Glauber said Hyperallergenic, “The idea behind the gallery is not only to create a platform for Hasidic artists to showcase their work, but also to reach more people with our messages, emotions and stories. I love this to create some kind of dialogue with the community. “

On its website, Stettle Gallery has its progressive mission, writing, “The main purpose of the gallery is to create a center of Hasidic art in the vibrant center of Williamsburg and to introduce and educate the New York masses to the prosperous Chasidism community. Introducing aspects of this “hidden island” community that were not available to the general public prior to this opening. ”

Recently, a lively art gallery, including 17 Frost and Carry Able, found a home in Williamsburg. But galleries like the Stettle Gallery, like Williamsburg, feel particularly urgent and important. Hasidism The Jewish community, which has close ties to its neighbors, is rapidly violating gentrification and overcoming the pressure to raise rents. Recognizing the importance of the Stettle Gallery, Mayor Candidate and Brooklyn Mayor Eric Adams attended the Space Ribbon Cut Ceremony.

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Visitors to Shtetl can expect to find a wide range of art currently on display, including bronze of various characters from original Jewish classics. Playing violin on the roof, Triptych of a female artist Rosa Katzenelson, And a sculpture that skillfully avoids breaking Jewish rules for idolatry through creative omissions of body parts and features.

If you’re interested in checking out the latest additions to the New York art scene, Shtetl Gallery can be found at 56 Franklin Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205 within the Condor Hotel. TThe gallery is reserved only on Mondays and Tuesdays and is open for the 12-5 walk-in on Wednesdays.You can find more information Here..

Stettle Gallery is the latest addition to the New York art scene

Source link Stettle Gallery is the latest addition to the New York art scene

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