Stardew Valley, Aragami 2 and Evil Genius 2 are now available on Xbox Game Pass

Today, during the second ID @ Xbox When Twitch Gaming Indie showcase, Microsoft We announced that a higher-profile game will be available soon on the Xbox Game Pass.

Let’s start with the big news. Stardew Valley is coming “this fall” on the Xbox Game Pass for PC and Xbox consoles. If you’re one of the few players who haven’t experienced this Chill Slice of Life Farming Simulation title, you’ll be able to play it later this year through your Xbox Game Pass subscription at no additional cost.

The timing is also good. A major 1.5 update to Stardew Valley was released for the console earlier this year, Added “late game” content to the title and introduced the maximum amount of content added to the game since its launch (including split screen and local cooperation). If you’re looking for something comfortable to play as winter approaches, keep that in mind.

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next, Aragami 2 (The service will start on September 17th). If you’re new to the debut title, the game focuses primarily on ninja-inspired battles and has a Tenchu ​​atmosphere. Combat has been expanded and improved since the first game, and the team states that this title is more experienced and bigger than it was when developing the first title. If you’re intrigued, check out the gameplay trailer below.

Aragami 2 will appear in the Game Pass for Xbox and PC at launch (although it will also appear on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5).

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Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous was originally announced on the September 2nd release of the Game Pass, This was then withdrawn It looks like it was created incorrectly.

Next, we confirmed that Pupperazi was “coming soon” to the service. I think the game strap line sells most efficiently.

“If you don’t, who takes pictures, keeps pets, and tells these dogs that they are good boys and girls? The world needs you in the dog photography game, Pupperazzi is!”

Think of it as a dog version of Pokemon Snap, and you’re probably in the right stadium. The game was announced for the Xbox Game Pass in the stream, but the title Steam page says the release date is “woof bark bark” so no one knows when it will actually arrive. ..

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Finally, there is Evil Genius 2.

In today’s indie-focused Xbox live stream, Rebellion unveiled the Evil Genius 2 and Xbox Series X / S for the Xbox One, and later confirmed the games for the PS4 and PS5. The console version will be released in the fourth quarter of this year Evil Genius 2 will also be available on the Xbox Game Pass at launch.

Only Switch News is missing today’s announcement.This definitely leaves hybrid console fans wanting to play it on the go, but probably Steam Deck can solve that problem..


Stardew Valley, Aragami 2 and Evil Genius 2 are now available on Xbox Game Pass

Source link Stardew Valley, Aragami 2 and Evil Genius 2 are now available on Xbox Game Pass

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